Agnes Smart and James Busby (ancestors)

Augustine Busby
b. 1819 (Leafield, Oxfordshire)
d. 1868
Hannah Morris
b. 1820 (Charlbury, Oxfordshire)
d. ~1876

(possible parents of William Busby)

George Hobbs
b: 1827 (Banbury, Oxfordshire)
d. ~1883
Fanny Taylor: b. ~1828 (Bewdley, Worcs)
d. ~1886
Henry Smart
b. 1827 (Tipton/Dudley, Worcs)
d. after 1891
Hannah Savage
b. 1820 (Barn Hill, Worcs)
d. after 1891
Allen Jones
b. 1822 (Cheltenham, Gloucs)
d. 1891-1901
Rebeccah Hart
b. 1825 (Elmstone Hardwicke, Gloucs)
d. after 1901
William Busby
b. ~1841 (Oxfordshire or Irish Sea)
d. 1910
Harriett Hobbs
b. 1859 (Aston, Warks)
d. after 1911
Josiah Smart
b. 1856 (Langley Green, Worcs)
d. after 1911 (probably after 1924)
  Caroline Emily Jones
b. 1856 (Cheltenham, Gloucs)
d. 1914

James Busby
born 1889, Hockley, Birmingham
Died 1925


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Agnes Smart
born 1894, Smethwick
Died 1986, Smethwick


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