Brough, Busby, Smart, Woolven family ancestors

Mainly the Broughs (Northumberland origins), Busbys (unknown origins), Hobbs (Banbury and Bewdley origins), Jones (Cheltenham origins), Smart (Black country origins), and Woolvens (Sussex origins).

All individuals, ordered by date of birth.

(Work in progress)

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c1640Margaret (unknown) 
c1640Thomas RobertsLittle is known of Thomas, except that he lived in the Ruardean area of the Forest of Dean, and was married to someone called Elinor, probably from around 1663. In addition to the children shown in this database, they may have two additional children: Sarah (b. 1679) and Edith (b. 1671).
c1640Anthony Smart 
c1640Thomas Teague 
c1645Bridget (unknown) 
c1650Elinor (unknown) 
c1657Mary Coleway 
c1660Mary Collier 
c1660George Coppard 
c1660Frances Dumbrell 
1660 Margaret Smart 
c1660Evan Vaughan 
c1662Jane (unknown) 
c1662Thomas Paro 
1663 Anthony Smart 
1664 Thomas Roberts 
1665 Elizabeth Smart 
1669 Walter Smart 
c1676Sarah (unknown) 
1676 Elinor Roberts 
c1676Joseph TurnerWe know little about this Joseph, apart from his father, children, baptism and death. But he was probably a farmer (see burial) and lived to a good age of at least 80 as his burial in 1758 was 60 years after his first child.
c1677Edward Teague 
1678 Mary Roberts 
1679 Henry Smart 
c1680Mary (unknown) 
c1680James Hart 
1680 Sarah Teague 
1681 Daniell Roberts 
c1682Claire Bridgeman 
c1682John Meek 
c1683Ann Cumber 
c1683Elizabeth Durrant 
c1683Thomas Neive 
c1683William Parker 
c1683Ann Richbill 
1683 James Teague 
c1683Thomas TownerThomas seems to have spent most or all of his life in the Petworth area of Sussex.
c1684Susanna Copper 
1684 Henry Roberts 
c1684Ann Vaughan 
c1684Elizabeth Vaughan 
c1684Hanah Vaughan 
1684 Mary Vaughan 
c1684William Vaughan 
c1685Mary DukeMary is really only known through her marriage and children.
c1685Katharine Paro 
1686 George Copper 
c1686Ann Mitchell 
c1686Walter Paro 
c1686Thomas Woolven 
c1687(unknown) (unknown) 
c1687Thomas Paro 
c1687(unknown) Russel 
c1688John Copper 
1688 John Teague 
c1689Thomas Copper 
c1689Jane Paro 
c1689George Smart 
c1690John DennierBorn in the Kirdford area of Sussex, John married in Fittleworth, and spent the remainder of his life in the Greatham area of the Wiggenholt cum Greatham parish.
c1690Elizabeth Smith 
c1690Mary Turner 
c1690Sarah Twining 
c1691Thomas BergumThe Thomas that married Sarah parry (or Paro) in 1721.
c1691Richard Copper 
c1691Francis Meek 
c1691Mary Paro 
1693 Sarah Paro 
c1694Anne Copper 
c1697William Blissard 
c1698Joseph TurnerJoseph seems to have lived (to about 59) in the Shipley/West Grinstead area of Sussex. As he was described as Joseph Junior when buried, it seems his father was still alive at the time (he probably died in 1758).
c1699Ann Blake 
c1700Robert Brough 
c1701Mary Turner 
c1703Richard Turner 
1704 Anthony Smart 
1704 Rachel Vaughan 
1705 Elizabeth Meeke 
1706 Mary Smart 
1706 Rebecah Teague 
c1706Sarah Turner 
1707 Edward Teague 
c1708Cuthbert Brough 
c1708Edward Dark 
1708 Henry Hart 
c1708Ann Lamb 
c1708Jane Mensforth 
1708 Elizabeth Smart 
c1708Mary Towne 
1709 John Meek 
c1709Anne Spilmore 
1709 Mary Teague 
c1709Elizabeth Turner 
c1710Ann (unknown) 
c1710John Darke 
1710 Margaret Teague 
c1710Ann Williams 
1711 James Meek 
1711 Henery Smart 
1711 Thomas Teague 
c1712Edward Brough 
c1712Thomas Nieve 
c1712Henery Russel 
1713 Mary Smart 
1713 Martha Teague 
c1713Susannah Turner 
1714 George Meek 
c1714Mary Towne 
c1715Richard Neve 
1715 James Teague 
c1716Sarah (unknown) 
c1716Robert Collis 
c1716Elner Russel 
1716 Elizabeth Smart 
1716 George Smart 
1717 Francis Meek 
1717 Jane Smart 
c1717Thomas Towne 
1718 Mary (unknown) 
c1718James Russel 
1718 Margaret Teague 
1719 Deborah Dennier 
c1719Mary NeveMary's husband Thomas was buried in May of 1757. All her children were alive when she wrote her will (see below), but one son (Thomas) died before her death in December 1782.

Mary's will (transcribed by A. Millard) provides much useful information on Mary's family.

1719 John Towne 
1719 Thomas WoolvinLived all his life in West Grinstead; in his wedding licence, he is shown as a farmer. Probably a yeoman.
c1720Richard Billings 
1720 Mary Smart 
c1720Henry Tanner 
1721 Thomas Burgum 
1721 William Meek 
1721 Edward Teague 
c1722Ruth (unknown) 
c1722Ann Ballard 
1722 Mary Burgum 
c1722John Neve 
c1722Henry Prescott 
1722 Charles Russel 
c1723Elizabeth Clifton 
1723 John Dennier 
1723 George Smart 
c1724Elizabeth (unknown) 
1724 Thomas Meek 
c1724Joseph Phipps 
1725 John Coppard 
c1725Elizabeth Newman 
c1725Margaret Ward 
1726 Francis Dennier 
c1726John Hobbs 
c1726Elizabeth Jones 
1726 Henry Parker 
1726 Anthony Smart 
c1727Sarah Blizzard 
1727 Sarah Burgum 
1728 Richard Coppard 
c1728Ann Laney 
c1729William Coppard 
c1730Hannah Archbald 
c1730Cuthbert Brough 
1730 Hanah Burgum 
c1730William Dennier 
c1732Stephen Brough 
c1733Elizabeth (unknown) 
1733 Ann Smart 
c1733John Stollard 
1734 Thomas Burgum 
1734 Elizabeth Dark 
c1734Martha Darke 
1734 Elizabeth Rook 
c1735William Brough 
1735 Edward Coppard 
c1735John Friar 
1735 Rebeckah Smart 
c1735Sarah Wood 
c1736Margaret Brough 
c1736Mary Brough 
1737 John Burgum 
1737 James Turner 
c1738Ann (unknown) 
c1738William Avery 
c1738Dorothy Brough 
c1738Edward Brough 
c1738Thomas DunshireKnown to be a mariner (from the burial record of jis wife Jane).
c1738John Jones 
c1738Mary Neeve 
1738 Rachel Smart 
1739 Benjamin Burgum 
1739 Thomas Turner 
c1740Ann Brough 
c1740Cuthbert BroughThis is the Cuthbert who married Hannah Archbald/Archibald in 1760. Most likely to have been one of Cuthbert Brough (born c 1730), but might have been Cuthbert Brough (born c. 1743).
c1740Mark BroughIn his marriage and burial records, he is shown as a mariner.
c1740Thomas Brough 
c1740Dorothy Hind 
c1740Robert Holmes 
c1740John Mann 
1740 Lidya Meek 
c1740Henry Mitchell 
c1740Elizabeth Potter 
c1740Susannah Simmons 
c1741Robert Brough 
c1741Richard Neeve 
c1741Isabel Oswell 
1741 Richard Turner 
c1742Robert Brough 
c1742Elizabeth Tomlinson 
c1742Jane Wilkinson 
c1743Cuthbert Brough 
1743 Lucy Meek 
1743 Richard Read 
1743 Elianor Smart 
c1744Robert Brough 
c1744Robert Brough 
c1744Hannah Burton 
c1744William Jennings 
c1744John Steward 
c1744Ann Wollidge 
1745 Ann Collis 
c1745Edward Tanner 
c1746Mary (unknown) 
c1746James Billings 
c1746Henry Doubleday 
c1746Thomas Elkington 
1746 John Hobbs 
1746 George Meek 
c1747William Freeman 
c1747Henry Hart 
1747 Thomas Woolvin 
1748 Mary Hobbs 
1748 Edward Meek 
1748 Ann Parker 
c1748Ann PeacockThis is the Ann who married Edward Brough in 1770 and then lived with him in the Hawthorn area of Easington, both surviving into their 80s.

c1748William Tanner 
1748 Elizabeth Town 
1748 Harry Woolvin 
c1749William BroughA Yeoman farmer, who seems to have lived all his long life in Lumley Ridings.
c1749John FreemanJohn's birthplace is unknown, but he spent the last 40 years of his life in Ashurst/West Grinstead with his wife Ann Woolven. When he was married in Ashurst, he was described as being from West Grinstead, and when he was buried in West Grinstead, he was described as being from Ashurst.
1749 Robert Phipps 
1749 Mary Prescott 
c1749George Savage 
1749 Ruth Town 
c1750Mary (unknown) 
c1750Jane BroughOnly known through her marriage and burial records.
1750 Elizabeth Buredg 
c1750John Crop 
1750 William Hobbs 
1750 Margaret MeekeMargaret was married three times. Her second marriage (in Gloucester) was to Richard Read whose residence was Ruardean, and she clearly lived there in the Ruardean/Walford area after that, as when her second husband died and was buried in Ruardean, she married for the third time to Henry Smart from Ruardean (her residence was given as Walford). She appears to have children (Margaret and Henry) by her third husband Henry Smart at the age or 42 and 44. She lived until she was 77, and was buried just North of Ruardean and Walford in Upton Bishop. A remarkable woman!
1750 William Parker 
1750 Richard Phipps 
c1750Samuel PotterOn the face of it, Samuel as born c 1750 and married and died a few miles from here he was born. But this is probably too simplistic; see notes.
c1750Valentine Redgrave 
1750 George Smart 
1750 Richard Tanner 
1750 Henry Woolvin 
1750 Richard Woolvin 
1751 Ann Russel Blizzard 
1751 Mary Woolvin 
1752 Elizabeth Parker 
1752 Ann? Phipps 
c1752Hannah Tanner 
1752 John Town 
c1753Ann (unknown) 
c1753Annea (unknown) 
c1753Barnabus Brough 
c1753Ann Clarke 
1753 Prisilla Meek 
1753 Sarah Prescott 
c1753Henry Smart 
1753 Sarah Smart 
1753 Ann Woolvin 
1754 Sarah Phipps 
1754 George Smart 
1754 Jane Town 
c1755Sarah Botting 
c1755Frances Brough 
c1755William Elliott 
1755 Henry Parker 
c1755Sarah Tanner 
1755 John Woolven 
1756 Naomi Ann Copper 
1756 George Meek 
1756 Mary Phipps 
1756 Henry Prescott 
1756 Margaret Town 
1756 John Woolven 
c1757Catherine Blakey 
c1757Mary HardingSettlement (1784, Storrington) gives a Francis Denyer and wife Mary with a daughter Martha (2 years) and unnamed 3-day old son, residence Wiggenholt (a mile or two from Storrington). Mary may have died (as a pauper) in Pulborough (a mile or so North of Wiggenholt) in October 1785.
1757 Samuel Hobbs 
1757 Ann Woolven 
1757 William Woolven 
1758 Susannah Copper 
c1758William Lawther 
1758 Thomas Meek 
1758 Thomas Parker 
1758 Nathaniel Smart 
c1758Mary Stollard 
c1758Mary Wilson 
1758 Edward Woolven 
c1759William Brough 
1759 Mary Knight 
c1760Sarah (unknown) 
c1760Jane Armstrong 
c1760Thomas Brough 
c1760Elizabeth Neve 
1760 Lydia Stollard 
1760 James Woolven 
1761 William CopperWilliam seems to have spent all his life within a mile or so of South Heighton (sometimes just called Heighton by the locals)
1761 Meldred Woolven 
c1762Anne Brough 
c1762Henry Elliott 
1762 Sophiah Meek 
c1762Thomas Simmons 
c1762Thomas Taylor 
1762 Mary Woolven 
c1763Robert Brough 
c1763John Busby 
c1763Elizabeth Buswell 
c1763Thomas Herbert 
1763 Charles Jones 
c1764Jane Brough 
1764 Mary Mitchell 
1764 Susannah Woolven 
c1765Esther Brough 
c1765Dorothy Holmes 
c1765Mary Parker 
c1765Samuel Parker 
c1766John Boss 
c1766William Brough 
c1766Thomas Jones 
c1766James Pennell 
c1766Hanow (Hannah?) Phipps 
1766 Phebe Steward 
c1766Mary Trotter 
c1766Ann Turner 
1766 Ann Wheeler 
1766 Elizabeth Woolven 
1766 Thomas Woolven 
c1767Jane Bedeland 
c1767Hannah Brough 
1767 Thomas Brough 
c1767Thomas Brough 
1767 Samuel Eagle 
c1767Jane Holmes 
c1767Elizabeth Hontsey 
c1767Anne Stollard 
1767 Zilphah Woolven 
1768 Joanna Brough 
c1768Jane Edgington 
c1768Ann Neeve 
c1768Ann Wadhams 
1769 Anthony Brough 
c1769Hannah Brough 
c1769Thomas Brough 
c1769Thomas Brough 
c1769Robert Holmes 
c1769Walter Parker 
1769 Benjamin Steward 
1769 Zilphah Woolven 
c1770(unknown) (unknown) 
c1770Mary Boyce 
1770 Samuel Brough 
c1770Whitfield BroughBirth not known, but from 1794 (marriage) associated with Monkwearmouth or Monkwearmouth Shore. He may have been a master mariner.
c1770John Busby 
c1770William Busby 
c1770Margaret Henderson 
c1770William Shuard 
c1770Francis Wilkinson 
c1771Elizabeth Brough 
1771 Elizabeth Friar 
c1771John Hobbs 
c1772Isabel Brough 
1772 William Brough 
c1772Sarah Duffie 
c1772Samuel Egile 
1772 Bengeman Jennings 
c1772William Jordan 
c1773Ann (unknown)The mother of Joshua Jordan (born 18/09/1797) and husband of William Jordan.
c1773John Blick 
c1773Mary Brough 
c1773Thomas Brough 
c1773Elizabeth Croome 
c1774Elizabeth Brough 
1774 John Brough 
c1774George DennisGeorge was a master mariner (information from application for marriage license). No children are known from this marriage.

c1774William Friar 
c1774Frances Leaviss 
c1775Edward Brough 
c1775Mary Brough 
c1776Margaret Brough 
1776 Meaburn Brough 
1776 Mary Elkington 
c1776Robert Hemsley 
c1776Elizabeth Mann 
1776 Richard Tanner 
c1776Thomas Wilmore 
c1777Isabella (unknown) 
c1777Ann Brough 
c1777Margaret Brough 
c1777George Edinshire 
1777 Mary Friar 
c1777John Fryday 
c1777James Grant 
c1777Sarah LangfordSarah married relatively young (probably about 18) and had many children. She was widowed when she was about 60 and then lived (at least some of the time) with her son James and his family. She lived to the age of 87; a 'good innings' for a Georgian/Victorian lady!
c1777Sarah Neeve 
c1778Ann Brough 
c1778William Brough 
c1778Mary Crop 
1778 Henry TannerHenry and his wife seem to spend all their life in the Horsham area after marrying. Three of their children were christened in Rusper (about 5 miles from Horsham): 08/08/1813, 13/08/1815, and 23/08/1818, with their father's profession given as labourer (as Rusper was predominantly agricultural in the early 19th century, this would have been agricultural labouring). But the family does not appear in the detailed 1821 census of Rusper that has survived. Three of their other children were christened in Horsham: 05/02/1809, 10/02/1811, 09/12/1821, 15/04/1827 (a christening of a Henry Tanner c1809 has not yet been found). It seems likely that Henry worked as an agricultural labourer wherever there was work in the area. [The possible ascription of Henry Tanner (c1808–1830) to this family is tentative at the moment.]

c1779Dinah Brough 
c1779Margaret Brough 
c1779James Busby 
c1779Betty Crop 
c1780John Brough 
c1780Thomas BroughVery little is known about Thomas: we know he married a Mary Embleton in 1813 and had a son (William) shortly afterwards. He was reported to have been a miller at that time and when William was christened in Long Benton, Northumberland, the family's residence was given as "Redhouse"; this probably refers to Benton Park in the partish, which was often referred to in this way.

The childhood of WIlliam (Thomas's son) was reported by William to his son Joshua Jordan Brough to have been spent in the Longbenton/Killingworth area. So he must have been there until circa 1825 at least. Presumably, so was his father Thomas, but there are no records (burials, births) to confirm this known as yet.

c1780Sarah Fryer 
1780 James Hart 
1780 John HobbsJohn appears to have spent the first year or so of his life in the Bloxham/Milcombe area, then moving to Neithrop, and Banbury about 1800. He spent the rest of his life there as far as we know, although his whereabouts in the 1851 census are unknown.

John was married twice; he had at least 6 children by his first wife, and 12 by his second wife. One of his children (James) emigrated to the USA, and worked as a maltster. Joseph and George (sons from his second marriage) also became maltsters (in Aston/Birmingham) and John was himself a maltster as well as a labourer (the malting work may have been seasonal). Brewing was an important industry in 19th century Banbury. He lived to a great age for an early 19th century working-class man (over 80). Obviously an interesting man, reflecting what was happening in the Banbury area in the early 19th century.

c1780John Stobart 
c1781Keziah (unknown) 
c1781Jane Brough 
c1781Robert Brough 
c1781Sarah Cropp 
1781 Elizabeth Savage 
c1782William Adams 
1782 Mary Billings 
c1782Richard Cropp 
1782 Martha DenyerAfter she married Henry Tanner, they lived in Horsham, possibly working at other places in the area, as work was available (Henry was an agricultural labourer).
c1782William Embleton 
1782 William Hobbs 
c1782John Tanner 
c1782Ann ThompsonAnn spent all her life in County Durham, outliving her husband William (a yeoman farmer) by 37 years.
1782 William Woolven 
c1783Mary (unknown) 
c1783Dorothy Brough 
c1783Hannah Brough 
c1783Thomas Cooke 
c1783John Embleton 
c1783William Embleton 
c1783Stephen Knowles 
c1783Isabel Lawther 
1783 John Read 
c1783Samuel Roberts 
1783 George Savage 
c1784Ann (unknown) 
c1784Rachel Bennett 
c1784Ann Brough 
1784 Thomas BroughIt would appear that Thomas spent his whole life in the parish of Seaham, marrying relatively late, anmd having two sons. He followed in his father's footsteps by being a farmer (and a miller at some time). He lived to be almost 100 years old (just 3 months short of 100, in fact).

In the grant of probate to his son John, Thomas is described as a miller, and John as a farmer, both of Seaham Mill.

c1784Fanny Cropp 
c1784Elizabeth Harland 
c1784Ann RedgraveWhat little we know about Ann/Anne is from her marriage, baptism of her children, and death at the age of 37 in 1822; all in Crick, Northamptonshire. We can deduce she was born about 1786 (and thus married at about 26). Ann and her infant son Samuel must have died within a few days, as she was buried 05/04/1822 and he was buried 10/04/1822.

c1784Benjamin Milburn Stafford 
1784 Thomas Taylor 
c1784Benjamin TomlinBenjamin seems to have spent most of his life in or near Crick : certainly c1812 to 1822 and c1841 to his death in 1866 (though no matching christening is known). He may have just been visiting family in London in the 1841 census, but maybe he lived there for some time during the period 1822 and 1851.

In both the 1851 and 1861 censuses, he is seen with an Ann Kilworth, though their relationship (other than presumed acquaintance/friendship) is not known.

1784 Rose Wiggins 
c1785John Cropp 
c1785Elizabeth Errington 
1785 James Hobbs 
1785 George Read 
c1786Hannah (unknown)Hannah survived to at least 1841 (census). It is very likely (but amazing) that she married in the Stockport area in the second quarter of 1850, when she would have been about 64.
c1786Sarah (unknown) 
c1786Eleanor Brough 
c1786Elizabeth Brough 
c1786William Dier 
c1786Barbara Lawther 
c1786Peter Loake 
1786 Samuel Potter 
1786 John Smart 
1786 Jane Taylor 
1786 Richard WoolvenRichard was a soldier (see christening record for son William) who was a servant in later life. Presumably he met his wife whilst he was serving in Ireland in the 4th (Queen's Own) Dragoons (4th Dragoon Guard history), before he was injured and taken into Kilmainham Hospital (Recent pictures of Kilmainham), Dublin in 1817. She must have been quite young when they married (probably in Ireland, as there is no marriage record in Sussex). They seem to have lived separately some of the time (but nearby) in the last few years of their lives, including in 1841 when they were both in West Grinstead: Mary in the Catholic Chapel (she would have been a Roman Catholic of course) and Richard in the Anglican Rectory, showing how important such denominational distinctions were in those days.

Further details of Richard and Mary's life

c1787Ann (unknown) 
c1787Elizabeth (unknown)James Taylor's wife and mother of several children, born in Bewdley, and christened in Ribbesford, over the period 1814 to 1828. She appears to have moved to the Key Hill area of All Saints, Birmingham in the 1830s (possibly as late as 1840).

The earliest Elizabeth is likely to have been born is circa 1785 (from her last child, born 1828) and the latest 1798 (from her first child, born 1814), with her birth year c 1790 (if she had her first child at 24 in 1814). The ages given (64 and 74) given in the 1851 and 1861 censuses would make her year of birth most likely to be 1787.

1787 Elizabeth Brough 
c1787Hannah Brough 
c1787Henry BroughAn engineer in the mines/early railways
c1787Henry Brough 
c1787Jenny Crop 
1787 Elizabeth Hobbs 
1787 Mary Jennings 
1787 Charles Jones 
c1787Mary Lawther 
c1787William Potter 
1787 Henry Smart 
1787 John Brough Taylor 
c1788Samuel Boss 
c1788Thomas Brough 
c1788Martha BrowneMartha seems to have spent the last 40 years or so of her life in Romsey, Hampshire. How and why she got there from her birthplace in Wiltshire (about 33 miles away) is a bit of a puzzle. Maybe she met her husband in Salisbury (about half way between their birth places).
c1788Robert Hardwicke CopperwheatProbably a shepherd (information from child's wedding certificate)
1788 James Read 
c1788James Taylor 
1788 William Woolven 
c1789Ann (unknown)There are two Anns married to Richard Kendalls in Marylebone at this time: Ann Morley and Ann Bennett
c1789Margaret Brough 
c1789Martha Brough 
c1789Sarah Clues 
c1789Mary Embleton 
1789 Allen Jones 
c1789Edmund Jordan 
c1789Elizabeth Lawther 
c1789Thomas Potter 
1789 Sally Smart 
c1789James Stanners 
1789 Mark Taylor 
c1790Sarah Baker 
c1790Michael Barry 
c1790Ann Brough 
c1790Mary Brough 
c1790William Brunton 
c1790Richard Crop 
c1790Thomas Hayes 
1790 Thomas Hobbs 
1790 Sarah JonesSarah Jones lived all her life in Banbury, and was John Hobbs second wife. She died a few days after giving birth to her 12th child.
c1790Thomas Keen 
c1790Richard KendallThis is the father of the Catherine Ann Kendall who married Joseph Tomalin
1790 James Knight 
c1790Charles Morgan 
1790 Hannah ShewardHannah is also referred to an Ann (and Shuard/Sheward). Her father is unknown at present (Hannah and her brother Joseph may have been illegitimate): her mother Phebe Sheward married James Pennell in Kidderminster, 1798.
c1790Elizabeth Simmons 
1790 George Smart 
1790 Ann WoolvenBorn in West Grinstead, she stayed in this part of Sussex all her life, finally living with her daughter Frances and son-in-law William Henry Chatfield in Pulborough.
c1791Thomas Bradbury 
1791 Catharine Brough 
1791 Eizabeth Brough 
1791 Naomi Coppard 
c1791William Embleton 
c1791William Jones 
c1791George Loake 
c1791Mary Elizabeth Midgeley 
1791 Lidia Smart 
1791 William Taylor 
1791 Joseph ThompsonA successful farmer, who seems to have lived all his life in the Seaham district. Probate was awarded to the value of £1500 — a considerable sum in 1859.
c1792Ann (unknown) 
c1792William Bastock 
c1792Thomas Brough 
c1792George Lawther 
c1792Sarah Shepherd 
1792 Richard SimmonsRichard seems to have spent his whole life in Tarring Neville, working as a farm labourer (noted in his children's baptism records, second marriage, and 1841 census). He and his secon wife died within a few days of each other in 1846.
c1792Elizabeth Simpson 
1792 Margaret Smart 
c1793Elizabeth Boss 
1793 Sarah Brough 
c1793Thomasin Brough 
1793 Ann CoppardAnn seems to have spent all of her short life in South Heighton or Tarring Neville (i.e. within a km of her birthplace). At her marriage in Tarring Neville she is recorded as being from Heighton.

c1793Thomas Willis Fry 
1793 Richard Hobbs 
c1793Elizabeth Jordan 
c1793Mary Miller 
c1793Fanny Redgrave 
1793 Mary Smart 
c1793Mary WhiteLittle is known about Mary. In the 1841 census, she said she was not born in Sussex. Her whereabouts after 1841 are unknown, though she was probably in Brighton in 1871, dieing there in 1872.
1793 Mary Woolven 
c1793Susanna Wright 
c1794Elizah (unknown) 
c1794John Brough 
1794 Sarah Drew 
c1794William Heritage 
1794 William Jordan 
c1794Johanna Morgan 
1794 Joseph Sheward 
c1794William Simmons 
1794 Henry SmartHenry was probably born in or near Ruardean in Gloucestershire (or possibly a neighbouring area of Herefordshire such as Walford), He died in Dudley.
c1794John TannerAt the christening of his daughter Harriet in 1821, John is described as a wheelwright. This is the primary evidence that he was also found (with Sarah) in Wolverhampton in 1861.
1795 Matilda Blake 
c1795Hannah Boss 
1795 Barnabus Brough 
c1795Rachel Busby 
1795 Mary Embleton 
c1795Robert Grieves 
c1795Richard Ildert 
1795 Elizabeth Jones 
c1795Isabella Renwick 
1795 James Smart 
c1796Charlotte (unknown) 
c1796Robert Brough 
1796 William Eagle 
c1796Mary EmbletonVery little is known about Mary, besides her marriage and the birth of her son William. The marriage was 'with consent of parents'; as Thomas was described as a Miller, it is likely he was over 21 and Mary was not. She would thus have been at least 12 and less than 21. As most aged 19 or 20 would probably conveniently forget their exact age, we might assume she was 16 to 18, making her year of birth about 1796, with absolute earliest and latest DOBs 19/10/1792 and 18/10/1801.
c1796Mary Emmelton 
1796 Joseph Hobbs 
c1796Obadiah Smart 
1796 Mary Ann Taylor 
1796 Henry Woolven 
c1797Elizabeth (unknown) 
c1797Mary Ann (unknown)Mary was born in Ireland about 1797 or so, probably in Kildare Town (about 30 miles from Dublin) or Kildare County. She would have met her husband Richard during the period 1814 to 1817 when he was in that area (see 4th Dragoon Guard history). She would have then been 18 or 19 and he about 28. When he was injured, he was hospitalised, pensioned and returned to his place of birth (West Grinstead) with his new wife.

Mary was not shown as living with her husband Richard in any of the 1841, 1851, or 1861 censuses, when they were both alive. But they seem to have always lived close to each other.

It is possible that Mary met Richard after he was injured. The injury took place when he was serving near Limerick, which is nearly 100 miles from the town of Kildare. By contrast, the town of Kildare is only 30 miles from Kilmainham Hospital (where Richard was transferred after his injury, and subsequently returned to England from). Kildare is both a town and a county of course, and if she was born elsewhere in County Kildare, she may have been born as close as 10 miles from the hospital. So, whether she was born in County Kildare or the town of Kildare, she may have met him at the hospital. Alternatively, she met him before he was posted to Limerick — his previous service may have been nearer to Dublin and Kildare.

Further details of Richard and Mary's life

c1797William Brough 
1797 William Brough 
c1797William Francis Brough 
1797 William Francis Brough 
c1797Elizabeth Busby 
c1797Mary Busby 
c1797Sarah Busby 
c1797Mary Johnson 
1797 Mary Jones 
1797 Joshua JordanJoshua was born in London and stayed close to his birthplace for the rest of his life. After his first wife Sarah died, he lived with her sister Harriett and they had several children. Joshua and Harriett never married as it was forbidden in Canon (church) law for a man to marry his deceased wife's sister at the time (this prohibition was removed in 1907). [Harriett kept a family bible, but this did not mention her sister, presumably for this reason.]

After Harriett died, Joshua married again, to Martha Cropp. This time, the marriage was 'official', as his wife was unrelated to his two earlier partners. Martha and Joshua were the witnesses at the Marriage of Martha's sister Charlotte 7th September 1849 and it is possible that Martha and Charlotte became a couple soon after Harriet's death in 1846, as Joshua had young children to care for. For example, Mary Jordan was only 8 when her mother died; it is significant that Mary is found with Martha's sister and husband and their young child in the 1851 census. Maybe she was looking after her young step-cousin Clara.

c1797Thomas Kemp 
c1797William Redgrave 
c1797Jane Thwaites 
c1798Leah (unknown)Probably born around 1790 to 1800 in East Staffordshire, she had a number of children with Thomas Kinston in the Rosliston area of Derbyshire over the period 1822 to 1835. She died in 1840 (probably in Rosliston, as the death was registered in Burton on Trent). She would have been about 40 to 50 perhaps
c1798Mary (unknown) 
1798 Edward Brough 
1798 Mary Ann Brough 
c1798Samuel Eagle 
c1798Maria Egington 
c1798John Gregory 
c1798George Hughes 
1798 Martha Jones 
c1798Thomas Kinston 
c1798Charles Savage 
1798 Nathaniel Smart 
1798 Thomas Woolven 
1799 Sarah EaglesBorn (1799) and buried (1833) in Kingston-on-Thames. In her short life she married and lived in London, and had several children. She almost certainly died in childbirth or shortly after, with a burial of a Sarah Jorden (aged 33) in Kingston on Thames 17/11/1833 (where her abode was given as St George's, Hanover Square) following the birth of her daughter Harriett on 11/11/1833. This correlates well with her putative birth there in Dec 1799; no Jordans/Jordens are known in Kingston besides her. So she was buried where she was christened.
c1799William Jones 
c1799Mary MartinAlthough she gave her place of birth as Bledlow Ridge, no corresponding christening can yet be found. She may: (i) not be from there, (ii) not have been christened in the C of E, or (iii) not have been a spinster when she married.
c1799Sarah Woolason 
c1800Martha (unknown) 
c1800John Boss 
c1800Eleanor Brough 
1800 Jane Brough 
c1800John Brough 
c1800James Busby 
c1800Mary Ann Busby 
c1800William Franklin 
1800 John Pennell 
c1800George Windmill 
1800 Priscilla Woolven 
c1801John Brough 
1801 Thomas Brough 
c1801William Busby 
c1801William Busby 
1801 Ann Edinshire 
1801 Martha Jones 
1801 Ann Smart 
c1801Mary Stanley 
1801 William Stobart 
1802 James Busby 
1802 Thomas Eagles 
1802 Elizabeth Edinshire 
c1802Edward Green 
c1802Edwin Hersey 
c1802Sarah Ann Pearson 
c1803Hannah (unknown) 
c1803Kezia BossKezia seems to have lived in Banbury all her life, outliving her husband William and dieing at about the age of 79-80. Although her age at death was given as 82 (making her year of birth 1800), it is more likely she was born about 1804 and baptised in March 1805, y looking at the baptisms of her siblings. This would mean she was probably only 20 when she was married in 1824; although she was not recorded as being married 'with consent of parents', it was quite common to say you wrre 21 to avoid this need for permissioin when you were only 20. If that is the case, she would have been about 78 when she died.
1803 James Eagle 
c1803George Gardiner 
c1803Thomas Jones 
1803 James Pennell 
1803 John Stobart 
1803 Frances Whiteside 
1803 John Woolven 
c1804Sarah Bradshaw 
1804 Anthony Brough 
c1804Robert Brough 
1804 Elizabeth Eagle 
1804 Dorothy Goldsbrough 
c1804William Hampson 
1804 Lidia Smart 
c1804Harriet Yeats 
c1805Jane (unknown) 
c1805Mary (unknown) 
c1805Robert Beck 
c1805Samuel BennettBorn in Derbyshire, moved to Birmingham and then Oldbury.
1805 John Brough 
c1805Hannah Busby 
c1805Mary Carr 
1805 Elizabeth Eagles 
c1805Mary Edinshire 
1805 Caroline HobbsCaroline lived a very long time for a 19th century rural woman; she was at least 94 when she died. Born in Neithrop or Banbury, Oxfordshire, she married at the age of 22 (or thereabouts) and moved to Southam, where she lived for many years, having 7 children with her husband (she also had one child before she was married).
c1805Hugh Jones 
1805 Mary Pennell 
c1806Fanny (unknown) 
c1806Elizabeth Bond 
c1806Ann Brough 
c1806John BusbyA typical life profile for a 19th-century Oxford agricultural labourer who did not migrate to the towns (many did of course).
c1806George CookGeorge made his living as a market gardener in the Alstone area (Cheltenham).
c1806John Friday 
c1806Dinah HartAfter her husband did, she kept her family together, notably keeping her yougest son Robert at school quite late for an agricultural family in those days (to at least 14). The family seems to have survived well as a result.
c1806Joseph HerbertLittle is known about Joseph and even his date of birth is very much a guess, based on the details of his wife. In fact, he might have been born as early as 1780, and Eliza may not have been his first wife. For anyone interested in his ancestors, his death certificate should be the first point of investigation.
1806 Richard Jordan 
c1806Ann Kilworth 
c1806Martha Tanner 
c1806Ann Taylor 
c1806James Turner 
1806 Frances Woolven 
c1807Ann (unknown)Francis Wood's wife, who died in 1838
c1807Thomas BeckThomas seems to have had a long and interesting life. Born in Cassington, Oxfordshire, he seems to have only moved the few miles to Cumnor, Berkshire.

In 1851, he as renting a cottage and garden in the village, and a poor rate was levied on him as a result (transcription of source document).

A probable death of Thomas was registered in Abingdon (the register office for Cumnor), Berks, April–June 1882, aged 77 (his true age would have been 75).

1807 Dorothy Brough 
1807 Thomas Brough 
c1807John Busby 
c1807Henrey Cook 
1807 John Eagle 
1807 Dorothy Edinshire 
1807 John Giles 
c1807Christopher Hedley 
1807 Mary Hobbs 
1807 Sarah Pennell 
1807 William Tanner 
c1807Francis Wood 
c1808Ann (unknown) 
c1808Jane (unknown) 
c1808Jane (unknown)Wives of agricultural labourers probably worked in the fields. But home working was common too. In Oxfordshire, glovemaking was a common female profession. "Gloveress" seems to be the feminine form of "Glover". [But a woman farmer was still called a farmer.]

Jane almost certainly died in Finstock in 1882, aged 71. The death was registered in Chipping Norton (the district for Finstock), but the death certificate has not been checked.

1808 Thomas BroughThomas is a well-known engineer, and there is extensive correspondence in the National Archives about his appointment as a coal mining engineer in Nova Scotia, on the island of Cape Breton. He left England in June/July 1839. In NCB I/JB 1747, it is indicated that he left with 4 children, aged 7, 5, 4, and 3 months; the eldest 2 were also living with their parents in Gateshead in the 1851 census, but the younger are missing (presumably they died in Nova Scotia).
1808 Amy Busby 
1808 Charles BusbyCharles (or Chas, as his family called him) was a canal boatman
c1808John BusbyJohn was born 200 years ago. It is interesting to try to trace his family forwards, to see what happened to a typical Oxfordshire working class (labouring) agricultural family.
1808 Isabella Edinshire 
c1808Hannah Friday 
1808 Maria Jordan 
1808 Elizabeth KingstonElizabeth spent most of her life in or near Banbury/Neithrop. She was married twice, neither marriage lasting long: her first husband died young, and she seems to have separated from the second after a few years, both living within a mile or two of each other for many years.
1808 Eliza Sarah Steer 
c1808Henry Tanner 
1809 Charlotte AdamsCharlotte seems to have spent all her life in Cumnor. We are lucky enough to have a record of her family in the 1821 census (from the Vicar's Book) which has survived.
1809 George Brough 
1809 Thomas Brough 
1809 William Cropp 
1809 Samuel Eagle 
c1809William Embleton 
c1809Elizabeth Enoch 
1809 James Hobbs 
c1809John Henry Martin 
1809 Sarah Parker 
c1809William Savage 
c1809John TannerA John Henry Tanner emigrated to Australia and married Catharine Delaney in 1842. Although he seems to have been christened plain John tanner, he probably added the middle name to acknowledge (or in memory of) his father,
1809 Charles Woolven 
c1810Ann (unknown) 
c1810Elizabeth (unknown) 
c1810Martha (unknown) 
c1810William Ayres 
1810 Francis Brough 
c1810Melicent Busby 
c1810William Cook 
c1810William CooperOnly known here as parent of William Cooper Tomalin, Rebecca Tomalin's illegitemate child.
c1810Samuel Coperweat 
c1810John Edwin Dury 
c1810William Friday 
c1810Matthew Hall 
c1810Ann Halsey 
1810 Eliza Jordain 
1810 Ann Eliza Jordan 
c1810John Prentice 
c1810Samuel Reeves 
c1810Charlotte Webster 
c1810John WheatleyJohn spent his adult life as a blacksmith in Crick and Rugby, a few miles West of his birthplace in Clipston, Northants
c1811Ann (unknown) 
c1811Sarah (unknown) 
c1811David Beck 
1811 Ann Brough 
c1811Eliza Cook 
c1811Jane Cropp 
1811 James Dimmock 
1811 Harriett EaglesHarriett was the sister of Sarah (Joshua Jordan's first wife). After Sarah died, Harriett and Joshua lived together and had several children. No record of an actual marriage ceremony between Joshua and Harriett has yet been found, and we do not know whether a marriage ceremony ever occurred. At the time, Canon law prohibited such a marriage, though it did sometimes occur (e.g. Matthew Boulton). From 1835, it was specifically illegal, and the law prohibiting it was not repealed until 1907. So perhaps we can assume they never married.

Like Sarah, Harriett died young, shortly after giving birth. In the case of Harriet, she gave birth to Ellen Jordan in June 1846. Ellen was buried 16/07/1846, aged 5 weeks, and Harriet was buried ten days later.

1811 Charlotte Hobbs 
1811 William Thomas HonnorBorn in London, he spent most of his life as a gun maker in Enfield. Both his first and second marriages were to Elizabeths. The second Elizabeth may have been a widow of another Honnor although the William in that marriage declared his father to be Joseph, not James.
c1811Charlotte Jordan 
c1811Mary Ann Morgan 
1811 Joseph Pennell 
c1811Ann Savage 
c1811Henry Smith 
c1811William Tanner 
1812 John Beards 
c1812Robert Bennett 
c1812Elizabeth BrainElizabeth seems to have spent all her life within a couple of miles of Berkeley.
1812 Maria Brough 
c1812Amelia Busby 
c1812Edward BusbyEdward was a tailor (eventually a master tailor) living and working in the Banbury area.
c1812John Copperweat 
c1812Thomas Jones 
1812 Edward Jordan 
c1812Elizabeth MannersElizabeth was born in Fletching, but after (and probably before) she married Edward Tanner, she lived in Warnham (just over 20 miles away). They had at least 3 children. After Edward died, she moved back to Fletching, and remarried (to John Blanche) in 1851.
c1812Henry Morgan 
c1812Samuel Summers 
c1812Frederick Tekell 
c1812Ann Tomalin 
c1813Ann (unknown) 
c1813William Bastock 
c1813Mary Brough 
c1813Harriet Busby 
1813 Robert Busby 
c1813Martha Crop 
1813 David Eagle 
c1813Emlin Gee 
c1813Michael Hepburn 
1813 Martha Hobbs 
1813 John Kinch 
1813 Kezia Knight 
1813 Elizabeth Parker 
1813 Sophia RadborneSophia was probably born in Abingdon (just south of Oxford), which was in Berkshire at that time.
c1813Elizabeth Savage 
1813 Edward TannerEdward seems to have spent all of his life in the Rusper/Slinfold/Warham area of Sussex
c1813John Tanner 
c1813Rebeccah Tomalin 
c1813Sarah Walker 
c1813John George Woodfield 
1813 Emily Woolven 
c1814Sarah (unknown) 
c1814George Thomas BroughNamed after his two twin brothers (born 1809) who had both died young.
1814 William BroughWilliam was born in the Long Benton (now Longbenton) area north of Newcastle. He later reported (to his son) that he spent his early years in the Long Benton/Killingworth area. In adult life (as can be seen from his marriage, census returns and places of birth/deaths of his children) he moved around England, notably taking a job (in the late 1840s) with the Great North Railway, and eventually settling in West London: first working as a grocer and then opening up a laundry. Much of what we know of his later life comes from what he told his son JJ Brough in the 1880s and recounted by JJ to his son in the late 1940s. For example, in a 1948 letter (exact transcription):

He was a voracious reader and studied Theology.

He married young and referred used to call us his "bakers dozen". I infer that he had 13 children, 12 by his first wife But I can only account for 8 believing the other 4 to die young as it was a matter of course to breed rapidly in those times knowing 1 in 3 would die. We have altered all that.

In all probability it was through necessity of needing more money that caused him in middle age to leave the GNR and start a Laundry in Latimer Road, Shepherds Bush. I sincerely hope that washing linen brought in more money than engine driving but from what I know of the business I am inclined to doubt it.

By 1889 he was seemingly suffering a type of dementure, losing his mind and his way home. Inevitably the laundry business failed and Aunt Sarah bailed him out to the tune of £50. But it was clear things couldn't go on indefinately and so we mortgaged Stanly House in 1893. A year or so afterwards William took to his bed and died 5/1/1898 of abdominal obstruction the same problem that affected Aunt Elizabeth in 1894.

Probate for his estate to the value of £225 10s was granted to his wife Mary (née Jordan).

GNR ran the line to York (wikipedia entry for GNR) and also operated over NER lines, northward to Scotland (wikipedia entry for the NER). He also seems to have run a shop for a short time in London, before opening the laundry (see census); something not mentioned by his son JJ Brough. It seems he was (like many from the Newcastle area) an engineer. We do not know how or where he met his first wife, but we do know that in 1839 the couple were in Paddington (London) and in 1841 they were in Lane End, Longton, Staffs, where William worked as an engineer in a pottery company. In 1843, he was in Morpeth, Northumberland, working as an engineman.

The family's location in 1841 is confirmed by the birth registration of his daughter Mary Ann Brough (1841-2), whose mother's name is given as Tomalin, and place of birth as Longton. So (like his great grandson Michael) he worked at least for some time in the pottery industry in Longton!

c1814Edward Brown 
c1814Sarah Busby 
c1814William Chitty 
c1814Ann Collier 
c1814Mary Embleton 
c1814Eliza Friday 
1814 Ann Elizabeth Jordan 
1814 Sarah Knight 
c1814Sarah Morgan 
1814 Ann Taylor 
1814 Benjamin Taylor 
c1815Elizabeth (unknown) 
c1815Hannah (unknown) 
c1815Hannah (unknown) 
c1815Charles CopperwheatBorn in rural Buckinghamshire he (and family) moved to NW London circa 1865 and he became a dairyman.
c1815John Crop 
1815 Ann Eagle 
c1815Charlotte Humphreys 
c1815Ann Loakes 
c1815Jane Price 
1815 Mary Tanner 
c1815William Tanner 
1815 Susannah Taylor 
c1815Ann Thompson 
c1815Joseph Tomalin 
c1816George Bastock 
c1816William BroughWilliam seems to have quickly become successful as a paper mill proprietor, but either his business or health failed in the 1860s, and he died in 1869 at the relatively young age of 53.
c1816Joseph Copperwheat 
1816 John HobbsJohn seems to have spent most of his life in or near Banbury/Neithrop (Backley, Northants is just over 10 miles away). He married late, but after having three children, he and his wife seem to have split up, living separately (but close by) for many years.
c1816James Martin 
c1816Emily MorganBorn, lived and died (unmarried) in West Grinstead, Sussex.
c1816William Piddington 
1816 George SavageBorn in the Wythall area of Worcestershire (South of Birmingham) George and his wife Esther seem to have spent all their lives within a couple of miles of the Wythall-Hollywood-Kingswood-Drakes Cross area. In the 19th century, this was a rural area, but it is now on the edge of the Birmingham conurbation.
c1816Elizabeth TomalinAfter Elizabeth married William Brough and they had a number of children (possibly 12, of whom 8 are known at present). They married near her birth-place of Crick in Northants, but lived at several locations, before they ended up in London, where Elizabeth died in 1872.

The census record for 1841 is puzzling. It is hard to see how William and Elizabeth were in the Potteries. But it surely must be them as their daughter (born in Longton) has a birth certificate showing a mother's maiden name of Tomalin Their first child was born in Paddington (london) and their third is believed to have been baptised in Northumberland, near where Willaim was born.

c1816Ann Wilmer 
c1817James Brookes 
c1817Robert Brough 
c1817Thomas BroughTransported to Australia in 1838, after being sentenced to 7 years transportation at Stafford Quarter Sessions. Date of birth and place of birth conjectural, but he was a boatman. Included here for purposes of elimination.
c1817Walker Burden 
c1817Elizabeth Cropp 
c1817George Friday 
c1817Samuel Hall 
1817 Hannah Knight 
c1817Louisa Miller 
1817 Mary Fryer Parker 
c1817Michael Pettifer 
1817 Emily Clarissa Susan Roberts 
1817 James Simmons 
c1817James Smith 
c1817Thomas Taylor 
c1818Maria Bastock 
c1818Mary Bentley 
c1818Jane Brough 
c1818John Thomas Busby 
1818 Charles Eagles 
c1818William Keen 
c1818Mary Loakes 
1818 James Pelham 
1818 Sarah Savage 
1818 Martha Tanner 
c1818William Tomalin 
c1818Mary Ann Wilmer 
1818 William WoolvenBorn in West Grinstead, William was apprenticed in shoemaking and then spent all his life in the trade, mostly in Lewes.
c1819Mary Ann (unknown) 
c1819Jane Brough 
1819 Augustine BusbyAugustine is a well-documented character from the Leafield/Northmoor/Finstock area (Oxfordshire). He dies at age 49, a typical (maybe even good) life expectancy for an Oxford agricultural labourer at that time.
c1819Mary Elizabeth Copperwaite 
c1819Anne Cropp 
c1819Mabel Gittins 
1819 Mary Turnbull Grieves 
1819 Harriett Hobbs 
c1819Elizabeth Jones 
1819 Ruth Parker 
c1819Mary Ann Postans 
1819 Hannah Simmons 
1819 Elizabeth Taylor 
c1819John Wiley 
c1820Margaret (unknown) 
c1820Eliza Barry 
c1820Caroline Botting 
c1820Robert Barnabus Brough 
c1820Henry Burditt 
c1820Elizabeth Carver 
1820 George Eagle 
c1820Charles Friday 
1820 Joseph Robert Willis Fry 
c1820Edwin GardinerEdwin spent most (possibly all) of his life in the hamlet/village of Waterlane, in the parish of Bisley, Gloucs.
c1820Martha Howitt 
c1820John Arthur Jones 
c1820Anne Keen 
c1820Benjamin Keen 
1820 Catharine Ann Kendall 
c1820Esther Maria KnowlesPossibly born in Wythall, Esther seems to have spent all of her life in Drakes Cross. In the early and mid 19th century, this was a rural hamlet, but it is now on the southern edge of the Birmingham conurbation.
c1820William Loakes 
c1820Harriet Morgan 
c1820Hannah MorrisA clearly-documented Oxfordshire working class woman. The only addresses associated with her are Fawler, Finstock, Asthally (Asthall Leigh?), and Leafield: all within 5 km of Leafield. There is no evidence she was ever outside this region.
1820 Richard Simmons 
c1820John Tomalin 
c1820David Tull 
c1820William TurpinOnly known through his marriage at present.
1820 Margaret Woolven 
c1821Edward Brough 
c1821Elizabeth Brough 
c1821John Brough 
c1821Thomas Copperwheat 
c1821Charles Cropp 
c1821William Embleton 
c1821Jane Evans 
c1821Jane Fox 
c1821Elizabeth Freeman 
1821 Margaret Grieves 
c1821Benjamin HartBenjamin left his birthplace sometime in his twenties and spent the rest of his life in South Wales, mostly working in the coal-mining industry.

1821 Joseph Hobbs 
c1821Ann Brown Ildert 
c1821Ann Overton 
c1821Mary Ann Pearcy 
1821 Hannah Savage 
1821 Maria TannerMaria was born in the Horsham/Rusper area of Sussex. She married William Woolven (from West Grinstead) and they then lived together in Lewes for almost 50 years. Maria herself lived to be about 88 years of age.
c1821James Taylor 
c1821Samuel Taylor 
c1821Frances Tonkin 
c1822Jane (unknown) 
c1822Sarah (unknown) 
c1822Charles Frederick BruntonFrederick (as he was probably referred to) was born in Lewes, and was a printer in adult life. He married in 1844, but was absent from home in the 1851 census. He may have been working away from home, or he may have left his wife (who said she was married, although he was not present). He seems to have been living with someone else in Chester as a common-law wife in 1861. His whereabouts from October 1850 (when he was in Southover, Lewes, as evidenced by the christening of his daughter Eliza) to 1861 and subsequently are unknown.
1822 George Busby 
c1822Benjamin Hart 
1822 Sarah Hart 
1822 Jane Hobbs 
c1822Allen JonesBorn in Cheltenham, and trained as a wheelwright. By 1844, he was practising as a carpenter and lived in Tewksebury Rd, Cheltenham (Harper's Cheltenham Directory and Guide 1844, shown as Jones, Allen, referenced at to West Bromwich in the 1870s. Died sometime between 1891 and 1901.

He was living at 43 White Hart Row, the same address as his wife Rebeccah. This road is now partially destroyed and known as White Hart St.

c1822Charles Kinston 
c1822Charles Morgan 
c1822Charles Rabone 
1822 Henry Simmons 
c1822Ellen Stafford 
c1822Harriet Tanner 
c1822Harriet Elizabeth Taylor 
1822 Samuel Tomalin 
c1822Thomas Wilmer 
1822 Harriet Woolven 
c1823Elizabeth (unknown) 
c1823Mary Ann (unknown) 
c1823Ellen BarryBorn in South Wales, it appears she and her sister Eliza moved to London sometime around 1840. In the 1891 census, they are living together with Ellen's husband.
c1823Thomas Brough 
c1823William Brough 
c1823John Nixon Busby 
1823 Philip Busby 
c1823Robert Busby 
c1823Charlotte Cropp 
c1823William Hart 
c1823Mary Hazeldine 
c1823Robert Hunt 
c1823Sarah Jordan 
1823 Sarah Keen 
c1823Harriet Loake 
c1823George Loakes 
c1823Frances Morgan 
c1823Anne TannerAnn spent all her life within a couple of miles of Oakridge Lynch or Chalford, where she was born. It is not easy to decide which of the two she was born in. Maybe she was born in Chalford and moved to Oakridge Lynch (a couple of miles away) before 1841.
c1823Charles Taylor 
1823 Eleanor TaylorBorn in Bewdley, Ellinor moved with her mother to Birmingham c 1840 and then married in 1848. She remained in the All Saints/Aston area until the end of her life.
c1823Elizabeth Tyler 
c1823Richard Woolven 
c1824Thomas Brough 
c1824Elizabeth Copperwheat 
1824 Susannah Grieves 
1824 Emma Hobbs 
1824 Thomas Robinson Hobson 
c1824Mary Ann Hughes 
c1824William Jordan 
c1824James KinstonJames was married in 1844 (probably to Sarah Hanson) and emigrated to Australia with his family.
c1824Charlotte MobleyCharlotte was married twice, moving to the Birmingham area with her second husband. She seems to have been particularly close to her youngest child Susannah who also moved to the Birmingham area.
c1824Thomas Savage 
1824 William Stroudley 
c1824Leonard Dodge Westcott 
1825 Amy Bowles 
1825 Jane Bradbury 
c1825Elizabeth Brough 
c1825Mary Ann Brough 
c1825Stephen Busby 
c1825William Bushnell 
c1825William Henry Chatfield 
c1825Maria Garrett 
c1825Rebecca HartBorn in Elmstone Hardwicke: a small village/hamlet near Cheltenham. Moved (with her family) to West Bromwich in the 1870s (in the census, Watville Rd is shown in Handsworth, but it is very near the Hawthorns).
c1825William Heritage 
1825 Joseph HobbsJoseph Hobbs was born and brought up in Banbury, then moved to Aston with his brother and sister between 1841 and 1851 and became (like several in his family) a maltster. Typical of the rural to urban migration of the time.

After he married in late 1853, he stayed in Aston.

c1825Elizabeth Ildert 
1825 Joseph Keen 
1825 Mary KinstonBelieved to have been married in 1849, probably to a James Reader.
c1825Charles Savage 
c1825Jane Elizabeth Stafford 
1825 Rebeccah Taylor 
c1825Richard Woolven 
c1825John Yates 
1826 William BroughKnown as an author, he was married twice, and died, leaving a widow and several children.
c1826Joseph Walter Busby 
c1826Daniel CookA very successful market gardener (see below).
c1826Joseph Copperwhate 
c1826George Cropp 
1826 Eleanor Eagle 
c1826Samuel Eagle 
1826 Ann Grieves 
c1826Ann Jane Haynes 
c1826Eliza JordonAt this time, only known from her christening record.
1826 Stephen Keen 
1826 Thomas Kinston 
c1826Harriet LoakesHarriet's father Peter died in 1827.
1826 Joseph Simmons 
c1826Henry Smart 
c1826Henry William SmartWilliam spent nearly all his life in Chalfont, Gloucs
1826 John Taylor 
c1826Thomas Taylor 
c1826Sarah Wady 
c1827Sarah Bennett 
c1827Harriet Bishop 
c1827William Brough 
c1827William Chilton 
c1827Thomas Eagle 
c1827Isabella Embleton 
c1827James FairleyJames seems to have a long association with the Busby family (the 1901 census age is surely an error). Although he never married, doubtless he and Hannah were at least companions over the years after she was widowed in 1876. Although he was not lodging with the family in 1871, he seems to have lived/lodged with her from 1881 to his death in 1906 at the age of 77.
1827 George HobbsGeorge (and his brother and sister) left Banbury, where their family had been for some time and went to Aston. Typical of mid nineteenth-century migration from the rural workplace to the towns. One of a number of sons from the same family that became maltsters.
c1827Mary Ann Hobbs 
c1827William Hodges 
c1827Joshua Jordan 
c1827Peter Giles Loakes 
c1827John Lines Phillips 
1827 Henry Smart 
c1827Maria Smith 
1827 Sarah Tanner 
c1827Thomas Turpin 
1827 George Woolven 
c1828Thomas Bennett 
c1828John Bradbury 
c1828Henry Brough 
1828 Eliza Busby 
1828 Noel Busby 
c1828Eliza Jane Cook 
1828 Samuel Eagle 
c1828Ann FowlerAnn seems to have spent all her life in Pershore, outliving her husband and most of her children. She must have been quite a remakable woman, living from before Queen Victoria came to the throne, through to be one of the first people to receive an old age pension in the 20th century.
1828 William Grieves 
c1828John Hall 
c1828Ellen HampsonEllen was born in the St Helens/Liverpool area of Lancaster and was in Kent in her teens (possibly orphaned young) where she met her husband Robert and married at the age of about 18 or 19.
c1828Emily Charlotte Hobbs 
c1828Emma Sarah Jordan 
1828 Thomas Keen 
1828 Joseph KingstonBorn in a rural community (Rosliston, just South of Burton on Trent) in Derbyshire, Joseph spent the first few years of his life in typical rural jobs. In later years, he worked as a coal miner in the Cannock/Walsall area of Staffordshire, marrying Eliza Hobbs, who had moved to that area from Banbury, Oxfordshire.
c1828Hannah Meyrick 
1828 Fanny (Frances) TaylorFanny originated in Bewdley, Worcestershire and moved with the rest her family to Aston (Birmingham) some time in the 1830s. After she got married, she stayed in the area for the rest of her life.

At the time of her marriage (October 1855) she gave her age as 27, implying a birth between Oct 1827 and Oct 1828. Her baptism 25th April 1828 implies a birth that is probably after August 1827 (and before April 1828!). At her death, her age is recorded as 59, implying a birth between Sep 1826 and Sep 1827. Although some census ages have small discrepancies, we thus conclude she was born in 1827 or early 1828. She consistently gave her place of birth as Bewdley, which was the main settlement in the parish of Ribbesford (and thus where we would expect her baptism).

Fanny gave her residence as Highgate, Birmingham in her wedding certificate (1855). She was previously living in Frederick St, Birmingham (in service) in 1851. Highgate is just over a mile from Frederick St.

c1829Sarah Bradbury 
c1829Robert Brough 
c1829Hannah Clark 
c1829Sarah Cropp 
c1829Elizabeth Ann Eagle 
c1829Thomas Green 
c1829Elizabeth Gregory 
1829 Emma HobbsEmma was born in Banbury, but like most of her siblings moved away, first to Northamptonshire, and then to Staffordshire with her husband Francis Wood. All of their children seem to have been born in Staffordshire, but they moved as a family (except her eldest daughter) to Knowl Hill, Berkshire, where she remained for the rest of her life.

Emma had 7 children and many (at least 31, maybe as many as 50) grandchildren who would have been alive at the time of her death.

c1829Louisa Jones 
c1829Sarah Sutton 
c1829Joseph H Thompson 
c1829Margaret Westbrook 
c1829George Wilson 
c1830Ann Aston 
1830 Jane Brough 
1830 Mary Elizabeth Chamberlain Brough 
c1830William Hart Brough 
c1830Harriett Busby 
c1830Mary Anne Busby 
c1830Daniel Copperwate 
c1830Luke Embleton 
1830 Kezia Friday 
c1830Ellen JordanNothing is known of Ellen after the 1841 census. It is likely that she died before the birth of the second Ellen Jordan (see notes).
1830 Ann Mary Kemp 
c1830Ann Kinston 
1830 Isack Savage 
c1830Henry Smart 
c1830Henry Smart 
1830 James Woolven 
c1831Hannah M (unknown) 
c1831Phoebe (unknown) 
c1831William Beck 
c1831Caroline BiggsCaroline spent 62 years of her life with William from when she was about 21 in 1853 to her death at the age of 84.
c1831Harriett Bradbury 
c1831John Brough 
c1831John Brough 
c1831George Cook 
c1831Maria Eagle 
c1831Rhoda Elizabeth Hignell 
1831 Anne Hobbs 
1831 John Keen 
c1831Elizabeth Kinston 
c1831Henry Langridge 
1831 Ann Reeves 
c1832William Franklin Alsopp 
c1832John Beck 
c1832Jane Brough 
1832 William Thomas BroughWilliam was born the son of a well-known mining engineer in County Durham. At the age of 7, he went to Nova Scotia, when his father was appointed as a mining engineer consultant. He returned to England with his father and family some time before 1851 and followed his father's engineering profession. He seems to have been successful at it, ending up in Devon, where he retired on independent means with his wife Caroline (whom he was married to for over 60 years). After Caroline died, he appears to have lived with the one son (William Edward) that outlived them.
c1832Thomas Cropp 
1832 Sarah Eagle 
c1832Jane Merina Earp 
c1832William Friday 
c1832George Goodchild 
c1832Matilda GregoryMathilda seems to have spent almost all her life in Southam. It seems she had two long-term partners (having children with the first), though no marriage records have been found.
1832 Hannah Hobbs 
c1832Joshua JordanJoshua was reported to be very close to his half-sister Mary Jordan, who (as Mary Brough) described him as 'my dear brother' to her son Joshua Jordan Brough.
c1832Mary Elizabeth Kidd 
1832 William Kinston 
c1832Richard Morgan 
c1832John Pennicard 
c1832Joseph RockleyJoseph seems spent most of his adult life in army service, which explains the wide movement of his family. Whether Sarah Jane was his first wife is not yet known, but she was a lot younger than him.
1833 Hannah Elizabeth Brough 
1833 Barnewell BusbyDied in infancy (buried only a month after christening)
c1833Frederick Cook 
c1833Harriet Eagle 
1833 Maria Gardiner 
1833 George Henry Giles 
c1833Selina Jones 
1833 Harriet Jordan 
c1833Anne Keen 
c1833Robert Pollitt 
c1833Eliza Preese 
1833 William Cooper Tomalin 
c1833Francis Wood 
c1834John Bourne 
c1834Mary Ann Bradbury 
c1834Mary Ann Bradbury 
c1834Jane Brough 
1834 William Brough 
1834 Jesse Burden 
1834 Ann Busby 
c1834Emma Cropp 
c1834John Embleton 
c1834Martha Friday 
1834 Eliza HobbsEliza Hobbs was born in Banbury and moved to Birmingham. After she married Joseph Kingston (from Derbyshire) July-September 1852 in Birmingham they moved to the Catshill/Brownhills area of Staffordshire (now part of Walsall), where Joseph worked as a miner. She remained within a mile or so of Catshill for the rest of her life. Typical of 19th century rural → urban migration in England.
c1834William Newark 
c1835William AlderWilliam is mainly evidenced in this study by his two wives (Rachel and Sarah Anne) and their offspring. An example of difficulties arising from census records only being every 10 years. A lot can happen in that time.
1835 Rachel Beck 
c1835Ann Bennett 
c1835Eleanor Ann Brough 
1835 Maria Brough 
c1835George Busby 
1835 Phebe Busby 
c1835William Busby 
c1835Sarah Caroline DoveyAfter a brief marriage to Frederick Cook, she remarried William Wrathall.
c1835John Edward Dury 
c1835Sarah Eagle 
c1835Charles Robert Friday 
c1835Fanny Gregory 
1835 Elisabeth JordanElizabeth never married, ending up running a laundry business on Berrymead Rd. After her death, it was run by Clara Keen, the daughter of her sister Louisa.
1835 Leah Kinston 
1835 Edwin Martin 
1835 John Reeves 
c1835Alfred Wilson 
c1836(unknown) (unknown) 
c1836Thomas Bradbury 
c1836Lionel Brough 
c1836Ralph Brough 
c1836Albert Busby 
1836 Harriet Busby 
c1836Sarah Busby 
c1836Alfred Cook 
1836 Thomas Elliott 
c1836Thomas Heath 
1836 Fanny Hobbs 
c1836Roseana Jones 
1836 Robert Keen 
c1836Charles Powell 
c1836Hannah Saunders 
c1836Ann Turner 
1837 Emily Ann Brough 
c1837Louisa Chitty 
c1837Louisa Evesham 
1837 Joseph Gregory 
1837 Daniel Herbert 
1837 Emma Heritage 
c1837Elizabeth Hughes 
c1837Louisa Jordan 
1837 Emlin Reeves 
c1837Ann Simms 
c1838Margaret (unknown) 
c1838George BournGeorge seems to have been a Sussex farm labourer all his life. In 1911, he was living with his wife of 49 years and one of their daughters in a 3 room dwelling in Slaugham, Sussex.
1838 Samuel Bradbury 
c1838John Cargill Brough 
c1838Louisa Cargill BroughLouisa never married. Her estate was valued at £6830 0s 10d (a considrable sum in 1921); probate to rev Arthur Chilton D.D. and Percy Leigh Gregson (ship repairer).
c1838Alfred Busby 
c1838William BusbySpent the first 20 or so years of his life near Banbury, then moved to Birmingham to work on the railways.
1838 Amos Cook 
1838 Robert Copperwheat 
1838 Fanny Drewett 
1838 Samuel Dyke 
1838 Harriett Eagle 
c1838Mary Ann Eagle 
c1838Mary Ann Gardiner 
1838 Martha GregoryMartha never married and lived all her life within a few miles of her birthplace in South Warwickshire.
1838 Hannah Hall 
1838 Joseph Honnor 
c1838Alfred Jones? 
1838 Mary Jordan 
1838 Charlotte Miles 
1838 Olive TannerOlive was married for just over 50 years. In the 1911 census, when she was living with her husband George and daughter Elizabeth (44) in Slaugham, she reported that they had 7 children, all of whom were still alive.
1838 Catharine TekellCatherine spent all her life in the village of Chalford, and appears to have had two (possibly three) children before she married Henry Smart.
c1839Hannah Maria BridgmanHannah seems well-defined, including two marriages and two children. Notable in that her first husband William 'disappears' and she marries again (possibly bigamously, as we have no record of William's death and, indeed, he may himself have also have married again). This type of 'informal divorce' did occur in the nineteenth century, as divorce was not an option (except, rarely, through act of parliament; thus only an option for few).
1839 Ann Brough 
1839 Anne Brough 
1839 Elizabeth BroughElizabeth was well-travelled: first around England with her father, and then emigrating to New York in 1870 or 1871. She died after 1908 (when her half-brother Joshua Brough reported she visited the UK), probably before 1915.
c1839John Brough 
1839 Thomas Brough 
c1839Charles Busby 
c1839William BusbyThis is the William Busby known to have been born and brought up in Oxfordshire. His father was Augustine Busby. His whereabouts after 1861 are unknown, as is the place and date of his death (his wife reported he was alive in 1871).
1839 William BusbyAnother of the many William Busbys in Oxfordshire.
1839 Isabella ChittyIsabella looked after family (widowed brother and then father) and married late. She then moved to Aldershot circa 1897 and lived there unitil she died (probably in a nursing home in Farnham, Surrey) at the age of 86.

Her husband Jesse had spent some of his early years in Winterslow (he was there in the 1841 census), which is where Isabella's mother Harriet came from. Maybe Isabella and Jesse were very distantly related.

1839 Emma Giles 
1839 Mathilda Jones 
1839 Samuel Reeves 
c1839Elizabeth Rushton 
1839 Benjamin Smith 
1839 Thomas Spencer 
c1839Ann J Taylor 
1839 Charles Vizard 
c1840(unknown) (unknown) 
c1840Elizabeth Barrett 
c1840Samuel Bradbury 
1840 Frances Victoria Brough 
c1840Thomas Thomson Brough 
1840 Richard Collett 
1840 Phillip Cook 
c1840George Copperwheat 
c1840William Copperwheat 
1840 William Eagle 
1840 Samuel HallSamuel came from Abbots Bromley Staffs, and seems to have spent most of his adult life in Stafford.
1840 Jane Hedley 
1840 Johannah Herbert 
c1840Samuel JordanSamuel seems to have lived in Henry Street for all of his short life. His address at burial was given as Henry St, P. J. (unknown meaning), confirming him as Joshua's son.
1840 Margaret Rose Simpson 
c1840Sarah Smart 
1840 Samuel SummersAn interesting man, with many occupations, and three wives. He crossed the Atlantic at least once in each direction.
c1840Elizabeth Tanner 
1840 Joseph TomalinDied in infancy (1 month).
c1840Ann Waters 
1841 Elizabeth BennettMarried twice (the death of her first husband cannot be found however). In later years, she lived in Hobicus Road, where her mother had lived for some time.
1841 Elizabeth Brough 
1841 Mary Anne Brough 
c1841Charles Busby 
1841 Richard Busby 
1841 Robert Busby 
1841 Sarah Ann BusbySarah Ann had a long and interesting life. Born May 1841 and probably met William Alder in Stanton Harcourt when she was in service there. She married him in 1873, after his wife died. They went to Clitheroe (Lancashire) to work in the cotton industry, and some of Sarah's family also went with them, including Phyllis Busby, who was almost certainly Sarah Anne's illegitimate daughter. This is a typical mid 19th century move from the Oxfordshire countryside to an urban employment.
c1841William BusbyWilliam Busby is James's father. In the only two census records we have for him (1891, 1901) he gave his place of birth as the Irish Sea circa 1841. But his whereabouts from 1841 to 1888 are a mystery. He may be the same William as one from Oxfordshire (but then, what was he doing in the Irish Sea?); see notes below.

His wife Harriett indicated (in 1911) census that he was deceased and that she had been married for 22 years; that would make his death late 1910 or early 1911.

Possible death recorded in Kings Norton in October-December 1905 (6c, p 207). Under investigation.

1841 Helen Chitty 
1841 Edmund Richard Friday 
c1841William HonourWilliam and his wife emigrated to the US in 1870 or 1871. He died (on the evidence of US census records) between 1880 and 1900.
c1841Caroline Jones 
1841 Jane Reeves 
1841 Mary Ann Smith 
1841 Ann Tomalin 
1841 Maria Walder 
c1841Lydia Wood 
c1842Mary Luckett Archer 
1842 James Brough 
1842 Thomas Wilfred Alfred Cheney 
c1842Mary Ann Cook 
c1842Charlotte Dimmock 
c1842Charlotte Dimmock 
1842 Mary Ann Farrow 
c1842Septimus C FleetwoodBorn in England, he emigrated to the USA in 1870 (travelling steerage, arriving New York 23/08/1870), and married Rebecca Barcham (née Brough) whom he had met on the voyage and was (reportedly) widowed about the time of her emigration. He was naturalised in 1884, and died in New Haven Connecticut.

He rose to prominence in the New Haven Railroad Company, as described in the New York Times:

Dies at 85 After 58 years With the
New Haven Railroad.
Special to The New York Times.

 NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 13. —
The death of Septimus C. Fleetwood, at his home in West Haven today, removed a unique railroad figure. Mr. Fleetwood, who was 85 years old, had been for fifty-eight years in the accounting department of the New Haven Railroad system, was Treasurer of the steamship department of the railroad, and was an authority on railroad conditions existing when he entered the service of the line in 1870. The New York terminus was then on the site of the Old Madison Square Garden. Mr Fleetwood moved to the Grand Central station in 1872 and to New Haven Oct. 1, 1887.

His knowledge of early railroading was constantly drawn upon by department heads for reference purposes.

The funeral services will be held tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Burial will be at Evergreen Cemetary.

1842 Jane Heritage 
1842 William Hobbs 
1842 William Pelham 
c1842Hannah PrenticeWhen she married, Hannah signed her name, and was described as a spinster of full age, living on Cheapside. Her father was described as John Prentice, Gardener. A John Prentice attached his mark as witness; this is almost certainly her brother who was living with her (and their mother and step-father) in the 1861 census.
c1842Mary Isabella Russell 
c1842James Thomas Tanner 
1842 Benjamin Kendal Tomalin 
c1842Susan Twynham 
c1842Mary Ann Wiggins 
c1842John Solomon Wilkes 
c1843Mary Jane (unknown) 
c1843James AllanAlthough he died young, he died wealthy. The grant of probate of his estate valued it at less than £6000 — a collosal amount in 1878 (equivalent to several millions at todays values). An amazing career, given that (if the identification is correct) that he was a coal miner, son of a coal miner when he was 18!

His burial record gives his occupation as commission agent.

c1843Sarah Ann Allen 
1843 Francis BroughFrancis worked as a solicitors clerk, living in London all his life; he never married.
1843 Mary Ann BroughMary Ann was born in Nova Scotia (where her father was working) and then returned to the Newcastle/Gateshead area where she married. She died after only 3 years of marriage at the age of 31,
1843 Mary Jane BroughMary Jane is only known from her birth certificate and the 1851 census at present (see notes).
c1843William Henry Burden 
1843 Augustine BusbyA rural agricultural labourer, following in his father's footsteps. However, like so many rural Oxford workers, he ended up moving away from Oxfordshire. Whether he moved and then met his wife, or met her and then moved to marry her is unclear. It is also unclear whether any of his wife's pre-existing children were, in fact his.

Augustine seems to have commonly used the name George in christening of his children and marriage. Maybe he thought Augustine was not 'religious'. He chose to use Augustine in dealings with the state and for several of his childrens' names.

c1843Jane Busby 
c1843Solomon Busby 
c1843William Charles Challen 
1843 Walter ChittyWalter was married twice, and spent all his working life in teaching, ending as principal of a school in Pewsey, Wilts. He was a recognised organ composer. He also authored several books, and contributed to gardening publications (notably on bee-keeping and honey production).

1843 Rose Ann Betsy Copperwheat 
1843 Richard Dean 
1843 Harriet Dring 
1843 Dorothy Eagle 
1843 Sarah Ann Eagles 
c1843Alfred GilesIt seems likely that Alfred had several brushes with the law in Leighton Buzzard and area (not confirmed, as only name has been recorded for the offences). His marriage seems to have only led to a short cohabitation with is wife. Whether poverty fuelled criminality or vice-versa is not clear.
1843 George Hobbs 
1843 Susannah HoldenMarried and widowed young, her second marriage lasted at least 42 years (she was still with Henry in 1911). She clearly had many children, but it is perhaps unlikely that all the children shown as her children in some censuses are hers; at least some were probably grandchildren.
c1843William Jones 
1843 Sarah Shipway 
1843 Hannah SymondsHannah spent most (possibly all) here life in Sussex. Her hisband was often away from home, working as a stone mason. She had no children but looked after her sister's Mercy's children, after her sister was widowed and had to go into service to support herself.
1843 Sarah Anne Tomalin 
c1844Elizabeth Bradbury 
1844 Mary Brough 
1844 William Henry Busby 
1844 Ebenezer Chitty 
c1844Charles CookAlong with many of his family, Charles was probably a gardener. He may have married a Lucy Libenrood in 1865, but this is not confirmed as there are several other Charles Cooks in Cheltenham of the same age.
c1844Reuben Copperwheat 
1844 John Gregory 
c1844Elizabeth Sanders 
1844 John Smiles 
1844 Mary Ann Stroudley 
1844 John TileyJohn was born in Wiltshire and in adult life was a stone mason. He was married to Hannah for over 40 years, though they had no children. As a mason, he was often working away from home (Brighton). He and his wife brought up two of her sister's children: Ida and Florence (Annie).
1844 Richard TomalinDied in infancy (burial record gives age as 20 months)
1844 Caroline Woodfield 
c1845Sarah Beck 
c1845Ann Brough 
1845 Charlotte Brough 
1845 John Brough 
c1845Charles Frederick Brunton 
c1845Robert Burchum 
c1845George Busby 
1845 John Busby 
c1845William Busby 
1845 William Busby 
1845 Ann Copperwheat 
1845 William Wheatley Dodds 
c1845George Eagle 
1845 Sarah Jane Green 
c1845Henry Hepburn 
1845 Mary Hobbs 
1845 Julia HughesJulia was illegitimate, but used her stepfather's William Hart's family name; it is not clear whether he was her natural father. Possibly not, as she may have been brought up by her maternal grandparents (she was with them in the 1851 census).

She appears to have lived in Cheltenham all her life.

c1845Henry JonesHenry spent all his life in West Bromwich as far as we know, though he may have been born just over the border in Handsworth.
c1845Elizabeth Pelham 
1845 Elizabeth Smith 
c1845Sarah Stroudley 
1845 Mercy SymondsMercy was married three times. She had 3 children with her first husband William, who died suddenly, leaving her penniless. She had to go back into service (she had been in service before she was married), leaving her three young children with her sister in Brighton (though her youngest at least later spent some time with her). Her two later marriages were to men she had been a housekeeper for; neither marriage lasted long. Her second husband died soon after the marriage, and she formally separated from her third husband only a year after they married.
1845 John Tiley 
1845 Elizabeth Tomalin 
c1845Charles Walker 
c1846Robert BarchamOnly known in this study because of his brief marriage to Rebecca Brough (later Fleetwood)
c1846Edward BroughBorn whilst his father was working in mining in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (Canada) he returned to the North East with his parents some time in the 1840s. He is famous for founding the Broughs chain of grocery stores.

For further details, see the Heaton History web site.

1846 Robert Brough 
1846 Martha Jane BruntonBorn and brought up in Brighton, she married Henry Woolven and moved to South London
c1846John Busby 
c1846William Busby 
1846 Eli Garton 
1846 Mary Ann Hobbs 
1846 Mary Ann Hobbs 
1846 Martha Ann Johns 
1846 Ellen Jordan 
1846 Albert Land Newdick 
1846 Alfred Taylor 
1846 William Tomalin 
c1847Caroline Bennett 
c1847Sarah Jane BolinaSarah was married young and widowed very shortly afterwards, remaining (as far as we know) in the Farnborough/Aldershot area for the rest of her life.
1847 Elizabeth Brough 
1847 Elizabeth Brough 
1847 William Mark Brunton 
c1847Charles Busby 
1847 Sarah Busby 
1847 Thomas ChittyWhen he died, his occupation was recorded as a retired jobbing gardener.
1847 Caleb John Copperwheat 
c1847Jane Copperwheat 
c1847Selina Ann Gregory 
c1847James HollingtonRuth Simmonds second husband, reported (by JJ Brough) to have been a Baptist minister when they married late in life. As there were several James Hollington (usual spelling; see notes) births registered around 1847, it has not yet been possible to determine who James was.
1847 Caroline Harriet PayneDied in childbirth (or shortly after) only a year after she was married.
c1847Catharine Pelham 
c1847Thomas Smith 
1847 George TomalinGeorge's first marriage was very short and sad (losing his wife and daughter after only a year of marriage). His second marriage (to his cousin; perfectly legal) lasted many years. However, his only child by his second marriage also died fairly young (42) when on active service in World War I.
1847 Henry WoolvenFrom Sussex, he married in Brighton and moved to South London.
1848 David Beck 
1848 Robert Bennett 
1848 Ann Brough 
1848 Barbara Brough 
1848 Emily Brough 
c1848Mary Catharine BrownMary married a (probably) mariner George Higgs, after his first wife died. He too died, after they had been married less than 3 years. Nevertheless, she brought up his daughters as her own, and the youngest was still living with her (aged 30) in 1911. It is interesting to note that although her step-daughter was a teacher, Mary completed the 1911 census return herself — clearly and without error; she must have been well-educated.

Mary lived at 22 Cleveland Rd from before the 1901 census up to her death (place of death given in probate records).

c1848Alfred Busby 
c1848Thomas Busby 
1848 William Busby 
1848 Ellen Cook 
1848 Mary Dent 
c1848Emma Foster 
1848 Harry Edwin Fry 
1848 George HiggsGeorge was a mariner and was awarded a Mate's Certificate 4th May 1870 (when he would have been 21). George married Mary Elizabeth Hepburn and appears to have had 3 children with her. After she died, he married Mary Catharine Brown who outlivd him.
1848 Sarah Ann Hobbs 
c1848Joseph Moore 
c1848John Thomas NicholsonBrought up in Seaham, he married Elizabeth Brough (also of Seaham) and moved to Sunderland, where he died. He was a chemist and druggist by trade. He was quite successful, judging by the probate estimate (less than £3000) on his estate. But as Elizabeth's family seem to have been relatively well-off, this may have been partly inherited.
1848 Ruth Simmonds 
1848 Henry Smith 
1849 Ellen Rebecca Brookes 
c1849Ann Brough 
1849 Ellen Brough 
1849 Mary Stafford Brough 
1849 Rebecca BroughRebecca married young and her husband went to the USA. He sent for his wife and daughter, but unknown to them, he died before they reached the US. Now widowed, Rebecca married someone she had met on the boat and (as Rebecca Fleetwood) spent the rest of her life in the US, dieing at the age of 63 in New Haven Connecticut.

Rebecca's brother John also ended up in Connecticut.

1849 Robert Hazledine Brough 
1849 Mary Ann Brunton 
1849 Thomas Busby 
1849 Lucy Cook 
1849 Charles Cresswell 
1849 Elizabeth Ann FletcherElizabeth lived in Cheltenham all her life and was married to Edwin for at least 30 years. As reported in the 1911 census return, they had no children.
c1849Phoebe George 
1849 Ellen Mumford 
c1849Sarah Jane Richards 
1849 Catherine Tomalin 
1849 Rebecca Tomalin 
1849 Harriet Mabel Wiley 
1849 William Yates 
1850 Fanny Humphreys BroughFanny never mrried nd lived in London all her life.
1850 William Henry Brough 
1850 Eliza Harriett Brunton 
c1850Elizabeth Busby 
1850 James Busby 
1850 Mary Jane Busby 
c1850Rose BusbyBorn in Oxfordshire. Rose moved to Birmingham with her parents to Aston (now part of Birmingham, but then separate) and then to Balsall Heath (then part of Kings Norton, Worcs, but now part of Birmingham). She was in Balsall Heath from about 1881 to the end of her life. For many years, she lived next door to her parents in Tindall St.
1850 Eliza Jane Copperwheat 
c1850Thomas Franklin 
c1850Walter John Franklin 
1850 Charles Barry FryA decorator by trade, he died young, leaving a widow and two children.
1850 Charles Hobbs 
1850 James Hobbs 
1850 Charles Jones 
1850 Ann Simmonds 
1850 Sarah Tomalin 
c1850Jane Turner 
1850 Rebecca Jane WheatleySpent all her short life in Rugby.
1851 Thomas Brewer 
1851 Benjamin Milburn Brough 
1851 Margaret BroughMargaret was born in Herts, and her first 20 years are well-known. Last seen in London, she was reported by her half-brother JJ Brough never to have married and to have died in 1895.
c1851William Brough 
1851 Sarah Ann Bushnell 
c1851Frederick William Collins 
1851 William Hardwidge 
1851 Charles Hart 
1851 Joseph Hobbs 
c1851Lucy Hooper 
1851 Martha JordanMartha never married. She was obviously very close to her younger sister Charlotte and seems to have lived with her all her life, even after Charlotte married. After Charlotte's husband Walter died in 1918, Charlotte and Martha stayed together until their deaths in in their 80s.
c1851Susannah Lawton 
1851 Georgina Smart 
1851 William Columbus Steel 
c1851Emily Tomalin 
1851 Robert Yates 
1852 Joseph Bradburn 
1852 John BroughJohn was born in Hatfield, but spent much of his early life in London. He trained as a carpenter, and became a cabinet maker. After John married in 1880, he lived with his sister and brother-in-law (the Copperwheats) before he emigrated to the US (New Haven, Conneticut) about 1884. He died in New Haven Conneticut in 1902. His sister Rebecca also ended up in New Haven.
1852 Avery Burditt 
c1852Emily Busby 
c1852Emily BusbyEmily's early life was in Oxfordshire, in the Asthall Leigh/Leafield/Finstock area. She moved to Clitheroe, Lancashire to stay with her sister Sarah Ann Busby before 1881 and then married.
c1852Henry Busby 
1852 Sarah Hannah Busby 
c1852John Colley 
1852 Thomas Crampton 
1852 Eliza Emma FryBorn in London, she emigrated to the US with her husband (circa 1883). She lived to a great age: she died only a month or so short of her 101st birthday (her recorded age at death of 99 is incorrect); one can only hope she knew she had lived to be a centenarian!
1852 Jennet Hall 
c1852Mary Jane HendersonMary Jane married twice.Her first husband died very shortly after their marriage and birth of their only son. Mary Jane brought up her own son Thomas Scott Allan and two step-children, remarrying a few years later. Her first son Thomas Scott was the executor for her estate when she died at the age of 85.
1852 Mary Elizabeth HepburnMary's marriage is well-documented, and she had three children shortly afterwards. She probably died in childbirth or shortly afterwards, with her third child. Her husband may have been a sailor (he was certainly absent for the 1881 census).
1852 Sarah Ann Hobbs 
c1852Caroline Holyfield 
c1852John Self 
1852 Ann Tomalin Smith 
1852 James Tomalin Wheatley 
1852 Elizabeth Catherine Yates 
1853 Thomas Brough 
1853 William BroughWilliam was a musician, living in London all his life. He never married.
1853 Edward Brunton 
c1853William Busby 
1853 Hannah Collins 
1853 Joseph CopperwheatA twin who died in infancy; his twin (Thomas) survived.
1853 Sarah Sabina Copperwheat 
1853 Thomas Copperwheat 
1853 Eliza Emily GardinerEmma (as she called herself) was born in Waterlane, Gloucs and moved to the West Midlands (Smethwick) and married William Hobbs in Aston at the age of 30. They had 4 children, all of whom survived to adulthood.
1853 James Hall 
1853 Charlotte JordanCharlotte was born in London. At the time of her marriage in 1881, both she and her husband were schoolteachers. After they married, they lived in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Charlotte was obviously very close to her sister Martha, who lived with Charlotte (and her husband until he died) until their deaths in Sodbury, Gloucs in 1939. Charlotte and Martha had been together for 86 years!

1853 Jane Kinch 
c1853Sarah Masefield 
1853 Thomas Moreby 
1853 George Alderson Nimmo 
1853 Mary Rabone 
1853 Henry William Smart 
1853 George Teagle 
c1853Ellen White 
c1854Frederick Alder 
c1854Mary Ann Bishop 
1854 Charles Breach 
c1854Jane Ann Brough 
1854 Mary Jane Brough 
c1854Sarah Ann Burditt 
c1854Elizabeth Busby 
1854 Emily Jane Busby 
c1854Harriet Busby 
c1854John William Busby 
1854 Selina Matilda Cook 
c1854William Fletcher 
1854 Harriet Elizabeth FryBorn in London, she moved to Brighton and ran a laundry service with Emily Keen (her sister-in-law). They lived there together until their deaths.
1854 Thomas Hall 
1854 Charles Hart 
1854 Caroline Hobbs 
c1854Emily Pardoe 
c1854John Poole 
c1854Selina Pritchard 
1854 Jabez Smart 
c1854Harriet TurpinLittle is known about Harriett. If her age of 6 in the 1861 census is accurate, she was born before her mother Harriet Woolven married William Turpin in 1856.
c1854Harriett Jane Wall 
1854 Clara Alice Wymark 
1855 Laura Emily Blake 
c1855Ellen Brough 
1855 Henry Wall Brough 
1855 Thomas Brough 
1855 Henry Busby 
c1855Mary Ann Busby 
1855 William Henry Jolly 
c1855Joseph Moore 
1855 John Tomalin Smith 
c1855Armigill Thomas TurpinBorn in Australia, be lived in England. Awarded OBE.
c1855Harriett Turpin 
c1855Mary Ann Ward 
1856 Catharine Tomalin Brough 
1856 Margaret Ann Brough 
1856 William Thomlin Brough 
1856 Albert Busby 
1856 Selina Busby 
1856 Sarah Ann Collins 
1856 Julia Annie Fry 
1856 Thomas Gubbins 
1856 Louisa Hall 
1856 George HobbsBorn in Aston, George appears to have spent at least the first 35 years of his life there (he 'disappears' after 1891), working as an engineering fitter in a factory (or factories). Although he married twice, it appears there were no children; at least, none that survived infancy.
c1856Harry Hobbs 
c1856Caroline Emily JonesThe daughter of a wheelwright (Allen Jones) from rural Cheltenham. The family came to the West Bromwich area (then referred to as Handsworth in the census) sometime in the 1870s. When married, she lived mostly within a short distance of Victoria Park, Smethwick.

The 1911 census indicates Caroline had 9 children born alive and one of those had subsequently died).

c1856Ellen KellithorneWidowed after only 5 years of marriage, Ellen moved from London to Brighton as a domestic cook, boarding her two young children in nearby Hove. By 1911, the family was back together, in a significant dwelling. She truly did well to overcome adversity.

Note that she is another of the 'Fry clan' who moved from London to Brighton. This was, of course, not unusual in the late 1800s.

c1856Edward Slow 
1856 Josiah SmartOne of the key figures in this study. Josiah seems to have spent all his life within about a mile of Victoria Park, Smethwick. His grand-daughter remembered him living in Pool Rd
1856 Selina Turner 
1856 Sarah Ann WoodBorn in the Wednesbury area of the West Midlands, Sarah moved with her parents to the Castle Church district of Stafford. Although her parents moved to Knowl Hill in Berkshire, Sarah stayed in Staffordshire, where she met her husband Samuel Hall, who was from Abbots Bromley. After briefly living in Abbots Bromley, they moved to the Tixall Rd/Weston Rd area of Stafford.
c1856Fanny Yates 
1857 Daniel Andrews 
1857 Jane Barber 
1857 Benjamin Stafford Brough 
1857 Benjamin Thomas Brough 
1857 Mary Jane Brough 
c1857Frank Busby 
c1857Hannah Busby 
c1857William Busby 
c1857George Cook 
1857 Charles Hart 
1857 William Hart 
c1857James Hobbs 
1857 Henry Joshua Jordan 
1857 Emma Kinch 
1857 Harriet Ledger 
c1857John Taylor 
1857 William Henry WoolvenTrained as a printer, then worked as a compositor and printer. Became a licensee (in 1885 or 1886) at first in Lewes, then moving to Eastbourne to manage the Victoria Hotel, where he died 11 October 1890 (reportedly of fits).

JJ Brough (husband of William's daughter Florence) reported in 1948 that in conversations with Harry Simmonds, he gathered William had been drinking heavily in Eastbourne, although he had previously been abstemious.

1858 Prudence Blackford 
c1858Jane Busby 
1858 William Henry Ferris 
1858 Godfrey Robert Fry 
c1858Alfred Hobbs 
1858 Alice Annie Jordan 
1858 Harriett Edith KingstoneHarriett was born in Staffs, UK, but emigrated to Australia. She was murdered by her son-in-law, who also killed his daughter Annie (whom Harriett had raised after her mother had died). She was fondly remembered by those who knew her in her 30 years in Queensland. She had experienced tragedy before her sad end, with several of her children dying and leaving young families.
1858 William Hignell Phillips 
c1858Susannah StroudleySusannah was born in Oxfordshire and moved to Birmingham with her mother and her mother's second husband.
1858 Harriet Jane TurpinBorn in Australia, she lived in England most of her life. She never narried.
c1859William Henry Barrett 
1859 Emily Bourne 
1859 Dorothy Brough 
1859 Henry Wall Brough 
c1859Fanny Busby 
1859 Edwin James CookEdwin spent all his life in Cheltenham, except for a brief spell in Guiting Power, where he was a school teacher. He had an odd combination of employments. He was married to Elizabeth for at least 30 years, though they had no children.
c1859Elizabeth Elliott 
1859 William EmbletonBorn in Durham, he emigrated to the USA in 1887, arriving New York 2nd March 1887. He was naturalised in Hocking, Logan Ohio, in 1884 and resided in Ohio until his death, although he obtained a US passport in 1920 to visit relatives in England.
1859 George Hall 
1859 Harriet Elizabeth HobbsUnlike her husband William, Harriett's life is well-documented. She had five children who lived to majority, and one (name as yet unknown) who died as an infant. We have a portrait of Harriett and her husband William. Although Harriett spent all her life in Aston (Birmingham) or Smethwick, both her parents came from a rural background: her father George from Banbury and her mother Frances (Fanny) from Bewdley.

After her husband died, Harriett owned property (notably 73 Moilliett St), where she may have run a shop. As an owner of property, she was on the electoral roll.

c1859James Jones 
1859 Mary A Kinch 
1859 Joseph Thompson 
c1859William Turner 
c1859Ellen Jane Yates 
1860 William Joseph Allcott 
c1860William Allert 
1860 Mary Ann Bridgman 
1860 Bennett Hooper BroughA well-known engineer.
c1860James Busby 
1860 John Busby 
c1860Edward CrossBorn in Nottinghamshire, Edward married in the 1880s, and married Fanny Hobbs. They had 7 children in the Aston and Sutton Coldfield area of Warwickshire, but 4 died in childhood. Edward's wife died young, and he returned to Nottinghamshire.

1860 Alexander Cummings 
c1860Edmund Shakespeare Dury 
1860 Sophia Gale 
1860 Agnes Hall 
c1860Ann Hatton 
1860 Alice Hobbs 
1860 William HobbsBorn in Aston, William initially copied his father by being a maltster, but soon changed and worked as a striker (metal trade) and engineer. He married at 22 and had 4 children, all of whom survived to adulthood.
1860 Mary Ann Jones 
1860 Clara Keen 
1860 Agnes Martin 
1860 Sarah Ann Savage 
1860 Mathilda Smart 
1860 Joseph Tull 
1860 Henry Gilbert Whyatt 
1860 John Henry Wood 
c1861Albinia (unknown) 
c1861Albert Edward Atkins 
c1861Harriett BeckHarriett is probably Rachel's illegitimate daughter.
1861 Edwin Brough 
1861 Thomas Brough 
1861 Fanny Busby 
1861 Philip Busby 
1861 Phillis BusbyPhillis was born in rural Oxfordshire, and ended up in Clitheroe, Lancashire. In spite of the census entries, it is clear she was baptised as Sarah Anne's Busby's illegitimate daughter (when she married, she gave her father as William Alder, but this is unlikely; see notes).
1861 Rosina Fry 
1861 Thomas William Heath 
1861 Emily KeenEmily was living in the same house as Harriett Fry in 1881. They moved to Brighton circa 1900 and ran a laundry business there, living there until they died.
1861 Susieanna King 
1861 Joseph Suffield 
1861 Ellen Eugine Tekell 
1861 James Joseph Wigley 
1861 Clara Yates 
1862 Jane Ellen Atkinson 
1862 Thomas William Bradbury 
1862 Susan Martha Hall 
1862 Ellen Maria Heath 
1862 Ellen Lucy Jane HodgesEllen seems to have never married (in the 1891, 1901, 1911 and censuses, she was living with her younger brother). In the 1871 census, she was an inpatient in a hospital.
c1862Alfred Jones 
1862 George Albert Keen 
1862 Walter Henry KeenBelieved to have emigrated to the USA (reported by JJ Brough), possibly circa 1890.
1862 Joseph Charles Taylor 
1862 John Twynham 
1862 Eliza Jane Wilson 
1862 Francis Charles Wood 
1862 Maria Annie WoolvenCommonly known as Annie, although christened Maria Annie (maybe to avoid confusion with her mother). She was born in Lewes, Sussex, and spent most of her life nearby, although she may have briefly been in service in Kingston, Surrey in her teens, before her first marriage at the age of 22.
1863 John Hunter Brough 
1863 Mary Bessie Brough 
c1863Joseph Busby 
c1863Selina Busby 
1863 George Harry Davis 
c1863Eleanor Shakespear Dury 
1863 Jane Heritage 
1863 Louisa Jane Heritage 
1863 Abigail Hobbs 
1863 Fanny HobbsBorn in Aston, she married and died young. In the 1911 census, Edward (her late husband) indicated they had 7 children, of whom only 3 were still alive in 1911.

1863 Beatrix Pollitt 
1863 Lilan Pollitt 
1863 Georgina PrenticeGeorgina was born before her mother was married, but she was known as Georgina Busby. Indeed, she may have been completely unaware that her birth was registered as Hannah Prentice. Her mother was married when she was only a year old. [As her mother lived in Mill St before she was married, and then after she was married, it is more probable Georgina's situation was at least known to her family.]
c1863Harry Turner 
c1863Emma Ward 
1863 Clara Whitehouse 
1863 Jane Emma WillisJane seems to spent all her life within 5 miles of her birth place. In the 1911 census, she reported that she had had 15 children, of whom 13 were still alive.
1863 Mary Wood 
c1863Alice Ann Yates 
c1864Arthur Baker 
c1864Ellen Bourn 
1864 Ada Mary Brough 
c1864Walter Busby 
1864 Allen CookAllen spent his early years in Cheltenham. Significantly, he was appointed to the Midland Railway 29/09/1890 as a porter on a wage of 16s a week. Initially, he is reported to have been at Ben Riley Road, but this location is unknown.
1864 Frederick Octavius Fry 
1864 Arthur Henry Heath 
c1864Edward Jones 
1864 Jabez Elijah Perkins 
1864 Harry Soffee 
c1864Sarah Ann Spencer 
c1864John Taylor 
1864 John Turley 
c1864David TwiggTrained as a teacher and became a church minister after he married.
1864 Fanny WoodBorn in Staffordshire, she moved to Berkshire and, in 1891, she was working as a cook in Moulsford Lunatic Asylum, where her future husband (they married in 1894) was also working. [When she married, her address was Brownlow Rd, Reading, but she is shown as not working.]

In the 1911 census, she stated that she had had 8 children, of whom 6 were still alive, and 2 had died (the two who had died were her twins, born November 1901).

Her death certificate states that five children were still alive:

  1. Arthur Edward, aged 36
  2. Francis Charles, aged 34
  3. Leonard Alfred, aged 25
  4. Phyllis Edna, aged 23

1 female deceased, 2 males deceased

In 1912, Fanny and her family (husband Arthur and all 6 children) emigrated to Australia. She was pre-deceased by her daughter Alice, but her other 5 children outlived her.

c1865Frederic AlderFrederick probably stayed in the Stanton Harcourt area when his father went north to work in the cotton industry.
1865 Albert Edward Brough 
1865 Robert Sydney Brough 
c1865Alfred Henry Busby 
c1865Charles Busby 
1865 William George Gregory 
c1865Minnie Sanders Hitchman 
1865 Louisa Keen 
c1865Thomas Linney 
1865 Robert Barnabus Pollitt 
c1865Harry SimmondsHarry was reported by JJ Brough to FW Brough (both of whom knew him) in his 1947 letters to have been Ruth Symmonds illegitimate son, probably following an affair that Ruth had with an Italian waiter. This is consistent with his presence with his grandparents in Lewes in the 1871 census. So this seems to be certain. He was her illegitimate son.

On the face it, Harry was thus born in late 1862 or early 1863, in Eastbourne, where Ruth had been with her parents in the 1861 census. She may by then have been in service in Brighton. Certainly, there is a birth of a Henry Simmonds registered in Brighton in 1862. So she might have conceived the child in either Eastbourne of Brighton, and given birth at her parents house (common practice in those days), and then registered the birth in Brighton. We do not have the birth certificate to hand as yet to confirm this.

All the above seems plausible. Indeed, quite normal for mid 19th century illegitimate births. Except that Ruth was quite clearly only born in 1848, so she was only 22 or 23 by the time of the 1871 census — yet Harry was reported by his grandparents to be 8 at that time. Which would make Ruth only 14 or 15 when she gave birth! Possible, but very, very unusual. [Note that girls/women could marry once they were 12 until the 1920s in England. But births at such a young age were quite exceptional, and the mean age at which girls would have been able to conceive in 19th century England was probably about 16 (as opposed to the 12 to 13 of 2000).]

Given this discussion, the birth of Harry in 1862/3 must be considered putative as yet, until a birth certificate can be obtained.

1865 Joseph Kendal Tomalin 
1865 Matilda Bertha Waymouth 
1865 Laura Yates 
1866 Elizabeth Bourn 
1866 Edward Hudson Brough 
1866 Jesse Alice Willis Fry 
1866 Ellen Gregory 
1866 Minnie J Hall 
1866 James Heritage 
1866 Ellen Hobbs 
1866 Esther Hobbs 
1866 George Henry King 
1866 Rosina Emma Oaten 
1866 John Henry Prowse 
1866 Alfred Piram Summers 
1866 Emma Wood 
1867 Rosa BarchamBorn in England (Kensington, London) she left Liverpool on the City of Washington (Inman Line) and arrived in New York 23rd August 1870 before she was 3. Her mother married Septimus Charles Fleetwood after she discovered her husband had died (it is assumed, though no death record has yet been found). Rosa used the family name Fleetwood, though Septimus Charles Fleetwood was not her father.
1867 Fanny Murray BroughFanny never married and spent almost all her life in Richmond.
1867 William Edward Brough 
c1867Joseph Busby 
1867 Rosina Elizabeth Cook 
1867 Mary Ann Heath 
1867 Lucy Hobbs 
1867 Edward Francis Keen 
1867 Anthony Joseph Henry Rockley 
1867 Emily Sessions 
1867 Eleanor Spencer 
1867 Annie Thornby 
1868 Annie Bourn 
1868 William Russell Brough 
1868 William Thomas Busby 
1868 Beatrice Emily Willis Fry 
1868 Harriet Gregory 
1868 Esther Hale 
1868 William Hall 
1868 Horace Heath 
1868 Thomas Brough Nicholson 
1868 William Ralph 
1868 Albert Edgar RockleyAlbert followed his late father into military service. He (like most of his family) died young.
1868 John Tomalin Spencer 
1868 Arthur Charles TannerEmigrated with his family to Australia in 1912, sailing on SS Demostenes (7000 tons), which left London 26/06/1912 and arrived Sydney 11/08/1912. They were sponsored (by Nestlé).
1868 Julia Ann Teakle 
c1869Henry Alder 
1869 Thomas S Allen 
1869 Robert Brough BarchamBorn in England (Kensington, London) July to September 1969, he left Liverpool on the City of Washington (Inman Line) and arrived in New York 23rd August 1870; he would have been at most 12 months old on the voyage, which was made stowage. Despite some reports, he did not die on the voyage, but probably shortly afterwards.
1869 Samuel Bradbury 
1869 Georgina Mary Brough 
1869 Thomas Brough 
c1869Samuel Busby 
c1869William Busby 
c1869Fanny Matilda Jones 
1869 Alfred Joshua Keen 
c1869Edward Webb 
1870 Harriet Ann Bailey 
1870 Olive Bourn 
1870 Samuel Bradbury 
1870 Margaret Brough 
1870 Oliver Thomas Cook 
1870 Emily Gregory 
c1870Ellen Hart 
1870 Ellen Hannah Hart 
1870 Sarah Jane Heath 
c1870Albert Hobbs 
1870 Fred Kingston 
c1870John Thomas Leech 
1870 Frederick Miller 
1870 Edwin John Nicholson 
1870 Hugh Pollitt 
1870 Horace Wood Rockley 
c1870Annie Teakle 
1870 Caroline Harriet TomalinThis child only survived (at most) a few weeks after her mother (who died in giving birth or very shortly afterwards).
1871 Lizzie Brough Allan 
1871 Joseph William Brough 
c1871Florence Elizabeth Busby 
1871 Mary Jane Busby 
1871 Thomas Busby 
1871 Walter Seymour J Chitty 
1871 George John Hall 
1871 Elizabeth Honour 
c1871Emily Marley 
1871 Brian Stafford Nicholson 
1871 Walter Thomas Young 
1872 Edith Marsden Brough 
1872 Zelmira Collins 
1872 Rose Bertha Dent 
1872 Agnes Emma Heath 
c1872William Jordan Keen 
1872 Daniel Lovegrove 
1872 Edith Elizabeth RockleyEdith's life was very much tied around the military. She was mostly brought up in Greenwich (specifically Plumstead perhaps; maybe Robert Street) near Woolwich where her faher was probably based; she may have been born in Kensington, where the family was around 1872–3. [The family's movements in London may be discovered by looking at her siblings records.]

Her family moved to the Aldershot/Farnborough area in the late 1870s, where her father probably died. After leaving the orphanage where their mother worked, she went into service in the same road. In 1892, she married another serviceman (who she probably met when he was working at Aldershot, maybe lodging nearby). She returned to her husband Samuel's birthplce area (South Staffordshire) in the mid 1890s and they had a many children.

1872 Florence Elizabeth Smart 
1872 Thomas Wood 
c1872Thomas Freeth Wright 
c1873Emma Jane AlderIt is an interesting challenge to discover Emma's parents. Her move from rural Oxfordshire to Lancashire is typical of the rural → urban migration of the time.
1873 James Allen 
1873 Mary Jane Bourn 
1873 Annie Brough 
1873 William Augustine Busby 
1873 Mary Ann Goodall 
c1873Emily Maria Hart 
1873 Eden KeenEden was unmarried (and age recorded as 34) when she arrived in Montreal, Canada on the sailing ship Lake Eyrie 3rd May 1908. Her ultimate destination was given as Edmonton.
c1873George Bennett Nicholson 
c1873George William Townley 
c1874George Biggs 
1874 Joshua Jordan Brough 
1874 Florence Emily Busby 
c1874Sarah Busby 
1874 Olivia Maria Isabelle Chitty 
1874 George Colley 
1874 Emily Margaret Sophia Ellen Dean 
c1874Edwin John Hardwidge 
c1874Charles William Hart 
1874 Frank Howard Heath 
c1874Harry Kingston 
c1874Joseph Moore 
c1874William Smart 
1874 Annie Elizabeth Spencer 
c1874Sarah Ann Wain 
1875 Ethel Brough 
1875 Frederick Thomas Brough 
1875 Louise Maude Brough 
c1875Winifred Busby 
1875 Kate Cheney 
1875 John Colley 
1875 John Dyke 
1875 Thomas Hall 
1875 George Walter Tomalin 
c1876George William Alder 
1876 Edward Dent Brough 
1876 Florence Busby 
1876 Emily Garton 
c1876Albert Henry Hardwidge 
1876 Walter Hubert Heath 
1876 Edward Francis KeenEmigrated to the USA (New York) circa 1891
1876 Clara Knights 
c1876Louis Douglas Nicholson 
1876 Charles Henry Smart 
1877 Thomas Scott Allen 
1877 Frank Arthur Busby 
1877 Martha CheneyDied in infancy, probably just after her mother.
1877 Edith Maud Clark 
c1877Elizabeth Gardiner 
1877 Samuel Hall 
c1877William Hall 
c1877Louis Hardwidge 
1877 Henry Charles Jordan 
c1877Hannah Moore 
1877 Edgar Joseph Rockley 
1877 Edward Wymark 
c1878Fanny Bourn 
1878 Ernest John Bradbury 
1878 George Busby 
1878 Alice Atherton Collins 
1878 Annie Louisa Crampton 
1878 Samuel Cresswell 
c1878Minnie Hall 
c1878William Hart 
1878 Tom Ward JollyWhen his father died, Tom went into an orphanage (as seen in the 1891 census), but when his mother remarried, he again lived with her (see 1901 census). Tom himself died young.
1878 Ephraim Jones 
1878 Henry Joshua Jordan 
1878 Christopher Markham Thirkettle 
c1879Ellen Bradbury 
1879 Henry Charles Breach 
1879 Mabel Martha Brough 
1879 Minnie Brough 
1879 Albert George Busby 
1879 Minnie Sophia Fuller 
c1879Fanny Leah Giles 
1879 Edith Mary? Hall 
1879 William Henry Hall 
c1879William Hardwidge 
1879 Bergman Honour 
1879 Leonard William Jordan 
c1879Raphael Holmes Saxon 
1879 Archibold Frederick Smart 
c1879Mathilda Smart 
1880 George Bourn 
c1880Ellen Bradbury 
c1880Ernest Busby 
1880 Thomas Henry Busby 
1880 William Henry Colley 
1880 Harry Aldritt Davenhill 
1880 Jane Higgs 
1880 Daniel Moore 
1880 Alfred John Moulton 
1880 Louisa Phelps 
1880 Henry Smart 
1880 Agnes Gertrudehyy Wiltshire 
1881 Minnie Alice Breach 
1881 Dora Brough 
1881 Edith May Brough 
1881 John Harry Brough'Jack' (as he was referred to in later life) emigrated with his parents to the USA in about 1884. Initially, he was in New Haven, Connecticut, but he moved to Florida about 1911, and remained to the end of his life.
1881 Nellie Margaret Brough 
1881 Ellen Busby 
c1881Jane Hall 
1881 Ellen Clara Hardwidge 
1881 Benjamin Hart 
1881 Alice Florence Heath 
1881 Frederick Ernest Jordan 
1881 Stephen Smith Slightham 
1881 John Thomas Smart 
1882 Nellie Brough 
1882 Tom Busby 
1882 Constance Aubrey Agnes ChittyConstance never married. She seems to have spent most of her life in the Bristol/Somerset area, possibly teaching. She was relatively well-off when she died: her estate of £1135 2s 9d in 1946 is equivalent to £105,000 in 2012, based on average earnings in those years.
1882 Albert Jeremiah Crampton 
1882 Albert Edward Cresswell 
c1882Fanny Harris 
1882 Charlotte Jones 
1882 Rebecca Moore 
1882 John Harold Reddall 
1882 John Patrick Rock 
1882 Beatrice SmartLived all her life withing a mile of so of her birthplace in Smethwick.
1883 Thomas Busby 
1883 Harold Andrew Caesar 
1883 Katharine Long Jordan ChittyKatharine never married, and probate of her estate (only worth just under £200) was given to her (also unmarried) sister Margaret Alice Chitty.
1883 Emily Colley 
1883 Harriet Copperwheat 
1883 Thomas Hall 
1883 Alice Kate HardwidgeBorn and brought up in Birmingham, she appears to have remained true to her roots, as she is recorded as having returned from the USA on 25/08/1949. She gave her address as 89 Walls Green Rd, Sheldon, B'ham. 26. She said she was a housewife, so was presumably still married (just a guess, perhaps) and her age at that time of 66 is consistent with her year of birth, as she was born Jan/Fen/Mar 1883 (i.e. she would have been 66 earlier in 1949.

Kate almost certainly died in Apr/Mar/Jun 1964, when she would have been 81 — the age reported at the death of a Alice K Reddall in Birmingham.

1883 Alfred Charles Huffell 
1883 Laura Alicia Jordan 
1883 John Samuel Pernell 
1883 Violet SimmsBorn and married in Stafford. When she married, she moved into Weston Rd (number 50). She died at 58 Weston Rd, 54 years later. Presumably, she lived in the same road most of her life.
1883 Hannah Smart 
c1883Agnes Taylor 
1884 Minnie Ashfold 
c1884Elizabeth Georgina Bamford 
1884 Bertha Evelyn Brough 
c1884John Thomas Busby 
1884 Walter Busby 
c1884Rose Jane Colley 
c1884Emily Crampton 
1884 Jonathan Crampton 
c1884Alfred Hardwidge 
1884 Wilfred Hobbs 
1884 Alice Louisa Phillips 
1884 Alice Maude M Talbot 
1884 Joseph Thomas Tull 
1884 Francis Henry Wood 
1884 Florence Annie Woolven 
c1885Annie Bradbury 
1885 Godfrey Robert Brough 
1885 John Lambton Oeding Brough 
1885 Russell James Jordan 
1885 Ada Smart 
1885 Amy SmartAfter Agnes Busby's (née Smart) husband James died, Amy looked after Ken, Evelyn, and Peggy Busby after school, while Agnes Busby was out at work. At that time, the Pernell's lived near George Bett's School (the actual building was pulled down in the second part of the 20th century). As well as looking after her sister's children, Amy also looked after her own children of course. All this in a couple of rooms, with no running water; water was obtained from a tap in the yard (which included a horse stable), as reported by E. Busby. After he came home from work (unloading coal from barges), her husband John ('Jack') walked the children home to Greenfield Rd.
1885 Florence Mary Tull 
1886 Harry Leslie Baker 
1886 Adelaide Rosa Brough 
1886 Lizzie Busby 
1886 William Randolph Chitty 
1886 Lily Beatrice Colley 
1886 Laura Lavinia Crampton 
1886 Janet Hall 
c1886Ernest Hardwidge 
c1886Nellie Amy Suffield 
1886 John Toogood 
1886 Sarah Anne Tull 
1886 Rosa Adelaide Wood 
1886 Samuel John Wray 
1887 Rhoda Bunce 
c1887Harry Dibley 
1887 Elsie Fletcher 
1887 Jessie Barry Willis Fry 
c1887Ethel Hardwidge 
1887 Fanny Hobbs 
1887 Oswald Albert Conrad Keen 
1887 Charles Linney 
c1887James Moore 
c1887Sarah Lilian Price 
1887 Jemima Maggie Self 
1887 Josiah Smart 
1887 Annette Constance Soffe 
1887 Clara Martha Suffield 
1887 Ida May Woolven 
c1888Jessie Atkins 
c1888Wilson Barrett 
1888 James Hall Bradbury 
1888 Lewis Frederick Brough 
1888 Phylllis Busby 
1888 Margaret Alice ChittyMargaret never married.
1888 Alice Edith Crampton 
1888 Joseph Barry Fry 
1888 Lily Hall 
1888 Arthur Douglas Jordan 
1888 Stanley Pelton Marks 
1888 Henry Howard Newton 
1888 Fanny Elizabeth Tull 
1888 William James Woolven 
1889 Louisa Elizabeth Breach 
1889 James William BusbyJames was born in Hockley in 1889, and died young (36) of TB. Reported by Agnes Busby (wife) to this database's editor; all life certificates in editor's possession.

When Agnes and James were first married they lived at 73 Moilliett Street (then in Smethwick, now Birmingham, B18). The owner of that dwelling (and thus on the electoral roll) was his mother Harriett Elizabeth Busby (seen as Harriett or Elizabeth Busby in several electoral rolls). This property may have been a shop.

c1889William Chitty 
1889 Emma Louisa Dashwood 
1889 Nellie Louie Willis Fry 
1889 Mabel Hobbs 
1889 Beatrice Linney 
1889 Caroline Emily SmartCaroline emigrated to Canada on the SS Montroy in 1924, departing Jan 29th 1924. She was to work for a friend of Miss A Sanders, Oakville, Toronto, who had paid for her passage. She travelled alone (with only £3), leaving her husband John at home in 75 Pool Rd. Her son joined her in 1929 (it is not clear about her husband, who was still living in Pool Road in 1929). She visited the UK at least once (see notes) and she was visited by her sister Agnes in the 1960s.
1889 Lydia Maude Suffield 
1890 Albert William Atkins 
1890 Alice Maud Barrett 
c1890Ernest Barrett 
1890 Philip Andrew Bence 
c1890John BradburyJohn probably died in Oldbury/Smethwick/West Bromwich in the first quarter of 1948, with a recorded age of 58.
1890 Charles Clarence Brough 
1890 Margaret Jane Busby 
1890 Rosalind Wilson Cook 
1890 Ezra Crampton 
1890 Frederick Cross 
1890 Ernest Hall 
1890 Albert Edward Hobbs 
1890 Harold Alfred Jordan 
c1890Selina Moore 
c1890Leonard T Preston 
1890 Beatrice Smart 
1890 Dorothy Phillis Suffield 
1890 Rachel Agnes Tull 
c1890Winifred H Ward 
1890 Mary Constance Whyatt 
1890 Sidney George Wood 
1891 Alfred Henry Brewer 
1891 Phillis BusbyPhillis was born in Smethwick and spent the early years of her life living near Victoria Park in Smethwick. Her future husband Edward was living nearby in the 1911 census, when they were both in their late teens. After they married, they lived with her brother James and his wife Agnes at 73 Moilliett Street, Smethwick. This property was owned by Phillis's and James mother Harriett Busby who owned the property (which may have been run as a shop).
1891 Doreen Maud Chitty 
1891 Fanny Eveline (or Emmeline?) Hardwidge 
1891 Archibald Hobbs 
c1891Sarah Moore 
c1891Arthur Skinner 
1891 Herbert SmartKnown as a professional footballer (first with Bilston, then with Aston Villa), he is likely to have been one of the first (if not the first) UK professional footballer to sign up in World War I. His letter describing the Christmas Truce of 1914 was widely published (believed to have been first published 4th January 1915).

Whether he would have ever had a good football career is debatable. He seems to have only played once in the 1914 season, and 3 times in the 1919 season (scoring once). He seems to have played inside left for the Villa, and then centre forward for Leicester after being transferred (the Aston Villa web site suggests he went to Wolverhampton Wanderers, but Leicester seems more likely). In the War, the League was suspended 1915 to 1919, but he guested for at least Leicester and the Carriage Works (which of the several carriage works near Smethwick is not yet known). Under investigation.

We do not yet know whether he married or his date and place of death. The Aston Villa web site suggests his date of birth was 24/04/1892, his full name was Herbert Horace Smart, and he died in 1951.

1891 Frances Elsie Soffe 
1892 Joseph William Brewer 
1892 Joseph W Brough 
1892 William George Busby 
1892 George Alfred Cook 
1892 Emily Crampton 
1892 Lisca Gertrude Keen 
1892 Archibald Linney 
c1892Joseph M Master 
1892 Emma Louise Tull 
1892 Frank Augustus Wood 
c1893Flora Barrett 
1893 Shadrack Barrett 
1893 Victor Octavius Brough 
1893 Rose Harriet BusbyRose lived well into the 20th century. Remembered as "Aunty Rose".
c1893Beatrice Davis 
1893 Elizabeth Ann Ferris 
1893 Frank Hall 
1893 Herbert Hall 
1893 Robert Cyril Jordan 
1893 Gladys Annie Leech 
c1893George O C Phillips 
1893 Arthur Ralph 
1893 Edith Laura Suffield 
1893 Francis Charles Tull 
1893 Edith Wood 
c1894Edward BarrettEdward was living in Price St, Smethwick in 1911 (when he was 16 or 17) and his future wife Phillis was living in the nearby Exeter Rd (she was 19). They must have met around that time. He and his wife were resident at 73 Moilliett St in 1918 (as were Agnes and James Busby). This building was owned by Harriet Elizabeth Busby (who was thus on the electoral role as a property owner) and may have been run as a shop.
1894 Joseph Pardoe Crampton 
1894 Thomas Linney 
1894 Agnes SmartAgnes was born in Handsworth (on the border with Smethwick), but lived most of her life in Smethwick (except for the period 1916 to 1923, when she lived in Moilliett St, as did her sister-in-law Phillis). After her husband James died in 1925, she brought up her 3 children on her own (although her sister Amy and brother-in-law Jack helped by looking after the children whilst Agnes was at work). From 1923, she lived in the same house until the end of her life (from 1945) with her daughter Evelyn and son-in-law Frank) and their children.

Agnes's early working career was at Baxters, the Parade, Birmingham (national phone central 2036): a company that stocked and sold nuts, bolts and screws. It is clear that Baxters was a family company, supportive of its employees. There was an annual outing to the Baxters' home in Worcestershire. It also participated in the Girls Friendly Society scheme, and Agnes was in this scheme for 3 years until she got married (the GFS was only for single women at that time).

Agnes ran a 'treble twenties' club (for those over 60) at St Marks church and was a local community warden for Greenfield Rd, into her 80s. In connection with this, she was interviewed by ABC television (it is believed the programme was broadcast on 17th October 1965).

After she retired (from the MEB) at the age of 65, Agnes visited Canada to see her sister Carrie (Caroline) and nephew (Joe Bradbury). She died in Dudley Road Hospital on the 5th January 1986.

1895 Jessie Lucy Allcott 
c1895Emily Barrett 
c1895Effie May Brewer 
1895 George Clifford Brough 
1895 Emma Jane Busby 
1895 Annie Louisa Cook 
1895 Edward Cross 
1895 Alfred Hall 
1895 Harry Leech 
1895 John Henry Prowse 
1895 Arthur Edwin Tanner 
1895 Elizabeth May Webb 
c1896Albert Barrett 
1896 Albert Harold Brewer 
1896 Augustine Charles Busby 
1896 Hilda BusbyHilda lived into the 20th century.
c1896Leah Hardwidge 
1896 Simeon Kingston 
1896 Madeline Annie Miller 
1896 Alice Louise Tanner 
1896 Edith May Tull 
1897 William Cyril Allcott 
1897 Lucy Cross 
1897 Elsie May Leech 
1897 Percy Linney 
1897 Frederick George ProwseKilled in action (Flanders, France); Rifleman in D Company, 9th or 1st (some uncertainty) Battalion (Queen Victorias Rifles);
1897 George Alfred Smart 
1897 Percy Steel 
1897 Lily Francis Wood 
1898 Emily Sylvia G Brewer 
1898 Allen Byron CookBorn in Bristol, he was killed in the Battle of The Somme when he was only a few days past his 18th birthday.
1898 Ada Maud Crampton 
1898 Nellie Hall 
1898 Frederick Spartan Miller 
1898 Francis Charles Tanner 
1898 Ethel Sophiah Tull 
1899 Edgar Walter Allcott 
1899 Lucy Elizabeth BusbyBorn in Smethwick, then moved with her husband to Portsmouth.
1899 Florence May Cross 
1899 Kathryn Norah Gore 
1899 John Thomas Leech 
1899 Elsie Linney 
1899 Ethel Gladys Mellish 
1899 William Owen Wood 
1899 Arthur Wright 
1900 Frederick Barrett 
1900 Baden Brewer 
1900 Gladys Alice Brough 
1900 George Alfred Busby 
1900 Betsy Cooke 
1900 Mabel Davis 
1900 Arthur James Hobbs 
1900 Rebecca Moore 
1900 George Edwin Steel 
1900 Albert Victor Tanner 
1900 Ernest Walter Tomalin 
1900 Kathleen E Tull 
1900 Albert Victor Weaver 
1900 Francis Thomas R Wood 
1900 Olive Lily Young 
1901 Nellie Violet Allcott 
1901 Emily Prudence Busby 
1901 George Alan Leech 
1901 Selina Moore 
c1901Agnes Emily Smart 
1901 Joseph Henry SmartJoseph's middle name was probably Henry, although this is not shown in the 1901 census; see notes, which also seem to tie down his date of birth and year of death.

Joseph may have been born in Oldbury, although the birth was registered in West Bromwich, a mile or so away. See birth certificate to clarify this. It seems clear that he was brought up in his family in Hobicus Lane, however. When his brother Samuel H Smart was married in 1935, he gave his residence as 13 Hobicus Lane, the same address as Joseph and his parents were at in the 1911 census (information from his page on the Whittingham web site).

1901 Edwin Leopold Tanner 
1901 Harry Stanley Tanner 
1902 William Edward Allcott 
c1902Emily Crampton 
1902 Herbert Linney 
1902 Ethel May Prowse 
1902 Gertrude Alice Tull 
1902 Beatrice May Wood 
1903 Godfrey George Davis 
1903 Kathleen Mary Leech 
1903 James Moore 
c1903Harry Smart 
1903 William Charles Steel 
1903 Harold Young 
1904 Marjorie Brough 
1904 Amy Eveline Pernell 
c1904Harold Smart 
c1904Gladis Elsie Tull 
1904 Phyllis Wood 
1905 Edith Mabel Allcott 
1905 John Gillard 
1905 Winifred Mabel Leech 
1905 Hannah Moore 
1905 Herbert SmartHerbert died in infancy.
c1905John W Thompson 
1905 Philis Irine Tull 
1905 Mabel Louise Wood 
1906 Norman George Allcott 
1906 Ralph Brough 
1906 Miriam Philis Busby 
1906 Charlotte Moore 
c1906Violet Smart 
1906 Leonard Alfred Tanner 
1907 George Henry Busby 
1907 Sydney Hobbs 
1907 Phyllis Edna Tanner 
c1907Henry Alfred Tull 
c1907Elsie Evelyn Wood 
1907 Miriam Ruth Young 
1908 Sarah Moore 
1908 Violet Doris Pernell 
c1908James Smart 
1909 John Josiah BradburyJohn emigrated to Canada in 1928, to join his mother, who had been working there since 1924.
1909 Violet Grace Thirkettle 
1909 Rose Frederica Wood 
1909 Cyril Sidney Young 
1910 Eileen Mary Allen 
1910 Violet Olive Baker 
1910 Agnes Caroline Bradbury 
1910 Thomas Carroll 
1910 John Thomas Holloway 
1910 Daniel Moore 
1910 Ivy Rebecca SmartDied young (about 1 year old).
1910 Jabez W SmartJabez died before he was a year old.
1911 Thomas Edward Langley 
1911 Hilda May Malpass 
1911 John Samuel Pernell 
1911 Roland Markham Thirkettle 
1912 Selina L Smart 
c1913Robert L Preston 
1913 Violet May Williams 
1914 Freda May Pernell 
1914 Henry Hubert Prosser 
1914 Samuel Herbert Smart 
1915 Agnes Ivy Pernell 
1916 Frank William Brough 
1916 Ivy R Smart 
1917 Ernest Cyril Pernell 
c1918Ethel D Thorpe 
1919 Wilfred Box 
1919 Thomas Frederick Carr 
1919 Catherine Pernell 
1920 Lucy Barrett 
1920 Evelyn Busby 
1921 Winifred M Barrett 
1921 Linda Muriel Pernell 
1921 Vernon Arthur Wright 
1926 Joan L Wright 
1930 Roy Smart 
1931 Evelyn R Wright 
1946 (living) Brough 
1948 (living) Brough 
1953 (living) Brough 
1956 Barbara L Prosser 
1957 Malcolm P Neville