Harry Leslie Baker ♂


Born 1886, Pear Tree Cottage, Westfield, Sussex, England

Christened 29/08/1886 St John the Baptist, Westfield, Sussex // parents Evins (Carrier) and Harriet

Possible aliases/distractors

No aliases/distractors for this individual in database


Possible parents

None yet known

No father identified yet

Possible partners

  Annette Soffe (1887–)
      m. 1909 (Tonbridge, Kent)

Possible children

Violet Olive Baker (1910– )

Possible maternal siblings

None yet known


Harry Baker 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
02/04/19112403/04/1886 to 02/04/18872 Butlin Rd, Luton, Bedfordshire Baker


Date: 02/04/1911   Sheet: RG14  piece 9018  SN 224
Address: 2 Butlin Rd, Luton, Bedfordshire
Note(s): Two households (12 people in all) live here in 4 rooms plus possible bathroom
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
35351443Henry Leslie BakerHead24    MarriedBakerSussex Westfield 
35361438Annette Constance BakerWife   23 Married Berks Blackwater 
35371444Violet Olive BakerDaughter   1  Bedfordshire Luton 
35381437Walter Thomas YoungStepfather in law39    MarriedCarmanKnowl Hill Berks 
35391307Emma YoungMother in law   43 Married Staffordshire Burntwood 
35401440Elsie Francis YoungSister in law   20 Single Berkshire White WalthamElsie Soffe
35411442Olive Lily YoungSister in law   11  Sussex Crawley 
35421447Harold YoungBrother in law7     Kent Penbury 
35431445Miriam Ruth YoungSister in law   4  Kent Penbury 
35441446Cyril Sydney YoungBrother in law1     Kent Matfield 


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