James Hobbs ♂


Born 1809, Banbury, Oxon

Christened 02/07/1809 St Mary's, Banbury, Oxfordshire // Parents John and Mary

Died after 1832

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James emigrated to the USA and worked as a maltster and is last known (at present) as sending a letter back from the USA to his family in Banbury in October 1833.

Possible parents

   Mary Elkington (1776)

   John Hobbs (1780)

Possible partners

None yet known

Possible children

None yet known

Possible maternal siblings

Caroline Hobbs (1805–1899)
Mary Hobbs (1807–????)
Charlotte Hobbs (1811–????)
Martha Hobbs (1813–????)
John Hobbs (1816–1886)


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