Henry Smart ♂


Born 1794, Ruardean, Gloucs

Christened 13/07/1794 St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs

Died 1854, Dudley, Worcs

Possible aliases/distractors

Henry Smart b. 1787, (Ruardean, Gloucs)  // different people


Henry was probably born in or near Ruardean in Gloucestershire (or possibly a neighbouring area of Herefordshire such as Walford), He died in Dudley.


Identification of this Henry Smart relies on him being one of three Henry Smarts born in Gloucestershire around 1794, and the other two having stayed in Gloucestershire.

One of the other two Henry Smarts was christened 25th May 1794 (Horsley, Gloucs) with mother Sarah Morse and father un-named Smart. This Henry Smart probably married a Priscilla Esser in Horsley on 13th November 1818. The other Henry Smart was christened as the son of Henry Smart and Margaret 27th April 1794 in Bristol. He appears to have married Elizabeth Davis in Bristol September 28th 1828.

We thus conclude this Henry Smart was born in or near Ruardean, Gloucestershire shortly before July 1794. It is not clear when (or why) he moved to Dudley.

This identification should be taken as tentative for now. In particular, the burial record (in Ruardean, 1839) of the other Henry Smart born in Ruardean probably indicates he was known at that time to be one of two Henry Smarts from Ruardean. Yet (if the identification of the Henry Smart who married Hannah Shuard in Wolverhampton in 1825 is correct) Henry had not been a permanent resident of Ruardean for 14 years.

Possible parents

   Margaret Meeke (1750)

   Henry Smart (c1753)

Possible partners

  Hannah Sheward (1790–)
      m. 26/12/1825 (St John's, Wolverhampton, Staffs)

Possible children

Henry Smart (1827–1897)

Possible maternal siblings

John Read (1783–????)
George Read (1785–????)
James Read (1788–????)
Margaret Smart (1792–1817)


Henry Smart 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
06/06/184145 (45–49?)07/06/1791 to 06/06/1796Gads Lane, Dudley, Worcestershire Labr
?? 30/03/18515731/03/1793 to 30/03/1794Gads Lane, Dudley, Worcestershire Labourer


Date: 06/06/1841   Sheet: HO107/1196/4
Address: Gads Lane, Dudley, Worcestershire
Note(s): Several dwellings at this address
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
794214Henry Smart45   Labrnot Worcestershire 
795213Anna Smart   50 Worcestershire 
79699Henry Smart14   MailerWorcestershire 


Date: 30/03/1851   Sheet: HO107/2032/434
Address: Gads Lane, Dudley, Worcestershire
Note(s): Several dwellings at this address
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
803214Henry SmartHead57    MarLabourerGloucester 
804213Hannah SmartWife   63 Mar Worcester 


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