John Hobbs ♂


Born 1780, Milcombe, Oxon

Christened 02/07/1780 St Mary's, Bloxham, Oxfordshire

Died 12/03/1867, Broad Street, Banbury, Oxon, recorded age 86

Buried 17/03/1867, age 86 St Mary's, Banbury, Oxon // Residence shown as Fish St

Possible aliases/distractors

John Hobbs b. c1771, (Medmenham, Bucks)  // different people


John appears to have spent the first year or so of his life in the Bloxham/Milcombe area, then moving to Neithrop, and Banbury about 1800. He spent the rest of his life there as far as we know, although his whereabouts in the 1851 census are unknown.

John was married twice; he had at least 6 children by his first wife, and 12 by his second wife. One of his children (James) emigrated to the USA, and worked as a maltster. Joseph and George (sons from his second marriage) also became maltsters (in Aston/Birmingham) and John was himself a maltster as well as a labourer (the malting work may have been seasonal). Brewing was an important industry in 19th century Banbury. He lived to a great age for an early 19th century working-class man (over 80). Obviously an interesting man, reflecting what was happening in the Banbury area in the early 19th century.


John Hobb's death certificate gives his place of death as Broad St, Banbury, near the home of Kezia Jones who reported his death and was living in Parish Square (or Parish Yard), Fish St, Banbury at that time. His burial record gives his residence as Fish St. As he was living two doors away from Kezia in Parish Square in the 1861 census, it is probable that he did not die at home and that his home was Parish Square/Yard, Fish St, Banbury.

On his death certificate, his occupation is given as General Labourer, but it is clear from the 1861 census and his children's christening/marriage records that he also worked as a maltster.

In late 1833, John was living in the Old Shambles, as evidenced by the address on a letter from his son James.

John does not appear (as far as can be told) inthe 1851 census. But it seems he was living with his daughter Fanny at the time, as her name is the only one in a dwelling on New Rd, Neithrop, with a role shown as maltsters daughter. Maybe he was working overnight, or away from town.

Possible parents

   Sarah Phipps (1754)

   Samuel Hobbs (1757)

Possible partners

  Mary Elkington (1776–1817)
      m. 09/10/1804 (St Mary's, Banbury, Oxfordshire)
  Sarah Jones (1790–1846)
      m. 19/06/1818 (St Mary's, Banbury, Oxfordshire)

Possible children

Caroline Hobbs (1805–1899)
Mary Hobbs (1807– )
James Hobbs (1809– )
Charlotte Hobbs (1811– )
Martha Hobbs (1813– )
John Hobbs (1816–1886)
Harriett Hobbs (1819–1889)
Joseph Hobbs (1821–1822)
Jane Hobbs (1822–1842)
Emma Hobbs (1824–1825)
Joseph Hobbs (1825– )
George Hobbs (1827–1883)
Emma Hobbs (1829–1908)
Anne Hobbs (1831– )
Hannah Hobbs (1832– )
Eliza Hobbs (1834–1904)
Fanny Hobbs (1836– )
Mary Ann Hobbs (1846– )

Possible maternal siblings

William Hobbs (1782–????)
James Hobbs (1785–????)
Elizabeth Hobbs (1787–????)
Thomas Hobbs (1790–????)
Richard Hobbs (1793–1829)
Joseph Hobbs (1796–????)


John Hobbs 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
06/06/184160 (60–64?)07/06/1776 to 06/06/1781Butchers Row, Banbury, Oxfordshire Brickmaker
07/04/18618008/04/1780 to 07/04/1781Parish Sq, Fish St, Banbury, Oxfordshire Maltster


Date: 06/06/1841   Sheet: HO107/873/2
Address: Butchers Row, Banbury, Oxfordshire
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
9723John Hobbs60   BrickmakerOxfordshire 
9824Sarah Hobbs   45 Oxfordshire 
9925Jane Hobbs   15 Oxfordshire 
10018Joseph Hobbs15    Oxfordshire 
10114George Hobbs13    Oxfordshire 
10226Emma Hobbs   12 Oxfordshire 
10327Hannah Hobbs   8 Oxfordshire 
10417Eliza Hobbs   6 Oxfordshire 
10528Fanny Hobbs   4 Oxfordshire 


Date: 07/04/1861   Sheet: RG9/918/97
Address: Parish Sq, Fish St, Banbury, Oxfordshire
Note(s): Eight dwellings at this address
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
48723John HobbsHead80    WidrMaltsterMilcomb, Oxon 


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