Sarah Jones ♀


Born 1790, Banbury, Oxon

Christened 25/08/1790 St Mary's, Banbury, Oxfordshire // Parents Thomas and Elizabeth

Died 1846, Banbury. Oxon

Buried 23/08/1846, age 52 St Mary's, Banbury, Oxon // Residence given as Calthorpe Lane

Possible aliases/distractors

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Sarah Jones lived all her life in Banbury, and was John Hobbs second wife. She died a few days after giving birth to her 12th child.


It would appear that Sarah's brother William Jones may have married Kezia Boss, as Kezia was the person who notified Sarah's husband John Hobbs's death.

Possible parents

 ? Elizabeth Buswell (c1763)

 ? Thomas Jones (c1766)  

Possible partners

  John Hobbs (1780–1867)
      m. 19/06/1818 (St Mary's, Banbury, Oxfordshire)

Possible children

Harriett Hobbs (1819–1889)
Joseph Hobbs (1821–1822)
Jane Hobbs (1822–1842)
Emma Hobbs (1824–1825)
Joseph Hobbs (1825– )
George Hobbs (1827–1883)
Emma Hobbs (1829–1908)
Anne Hobbs (1831– )
Hannah Hobbs (1832– )
Eliza Hobbs (1834–1904)
Fanny Hobbs (1836– )
Mary Ann Hobbs (1846– )

Possible maternal siblings

None yet known


Sarah Jones 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
?? 06/06/184145 (45–49?)07/06/1791 to 06/06/1796Butchers Row, Banbury, Oxfordshire  


Date: 06/06/1841   Sheet: HO107/873/2
Address: Butchers Row, Banbury, Oxfordshire
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
9723John Hobbs60   BrickmakerOxfordshire 
9824Sarah Hobbs   45 Oxfordshire 
9925Jane Hobbs   15 Oxfordshire 
10018Joseph Hobbs15    Oxfordshire 
10114George Hobbs13    Oxfordshire 
10226Emma Hobbs   12 Oxfordshire 
10327Hannah Hobbs   8 Oxfordshire 
10417Eliza Hobbs   6 Oxfordshire 
10528Fanny Hobbs   4 Oxfordshire 


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