Henry Smart ♂


Born c1753, Ruardean?, Gloucs

Died 1813, Ruardean or Forest of Dean

Buried 12/02/1813, age 59 St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs

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Henry's year of birth is estimated from the age at death (59) when he was buried in Ruardean 12/02/1813. As he was married there, and his two children were also christened in Ruardean, it is likely he lived most of his life in Ruardean, or the North part of the extra-parochial area of the Forest of Dean. There are several possible Smarts who are candidates for his parents (notably George and Mary). For now, we must consider his family unknown.

Possible parents

None yet known

No father identified yet

Possible partners

  Margaret Meeke (1750–1828)
      m. 13/12/1789 (St Michael's, Walford, Herefordshire)

Possible children

Margaret Smart (1792–1817)
Henry Smart (1794–1854)

Possible maternal siblings

None yet known


Henry Smart 'Life track'

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