Margaret Smart ♀


Born 1792, Ruardean, Gloucs

Christened 29/01/1792 St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs

Died 1817, Forest of Dean

Buried 16/03/1817, age 25 St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs // Buried same day her daughter Hannah was christened

Possible aliases/distractors

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Margaret must have died in childbirth or shortly after, as her burial was on the same day as her daughter Hannah was christened.

Possible parents

   Margaret Meeke (1750)

   Henry Smart (c1753)

Possible partners

  James Knight (1790–1847)
      m. 03/09/1812 (St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs)

Possible children

Kezia Knight (1813–1813)
Sarah Knight (1814– )
Hannah Knight (1817–1817)

Possible maternal siblings

John Read (1783–????)
George Read (1785–????)
James Read (1788–????)
Henry Smart (1794–1854)


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