Henry Smart ♂


Born 1787, Ruardean, Gloucs

Christened 04/11/1787 St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs

Died 1839

Buried 08/02/1839, age 52 St John the Baptist, Ruardean, Gloucs // residence Morse, son of Nathaniel and Mary

Possible aliases/distractors

Henry Smart b. 1794, (Ruardean, Gloucs)  // different people



The comment about Henry being the son of Nathaniel and Mary is significant perhaps. It may indicate ther was another Henry Smart of a similar age in Ruardean. See notes for the other Henry Smart in this study.

Possible parents

   Mary Knight (1759)

   Nathaniel Smart (1758)

Possible partners

None yet known

Possible children

None yet known

Possible maternal siblings

John Smart (1786–????)
Sally Smart (1789–????)
George Smart (1790–????)
Lidia Smart (1791–1792)
Mary Smart (1793–????)
James Smart (1795–????)
Nathaniel Smart (1798–????)
Ann Smart (1801–????)
Lidia Smart (1804–????)


Henry Smart 'Life track'

No census locations for this person


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