Albert Busby ♂


Born c1836, Northmoor, Oxon

Possible aliases/distractors

No aliases/distractors for this individual in database

Possible parents

?? Hannah (unknown) (c1803)

 ? John Busby (c1808)  

Possible partners

None yet known

Possible children

None yet known

Possible maternal siblings

Alfred Busby (c1838–????)
William Busby (1839–????)
Richard Busby (1841–????)
Alfred Busby (c1848–????)


Albert Busby 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
06/06/1841507/06/1835 to 06/06/1836Northmoor, Oxfordshire  


Date: 06/06/1841   Sheet: HO107/879/1
Address: Northmoor, Oxfordshire
Note(s): One of many unnamed dwellings in Northmoor
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
184233John Busby75   PauperOxfordshire 
185234Hannah Busby   35 Oxfordshire 
18640John Busby30   Agricultural LabourerOxfordshire 
187235Amelia Busby   25 Oxfordshire 
188236Sarah Busby   25 Oxfordshire 
18944Albert Busby5    Oxfordshire 
19039William Busby5    Oxfordshire 
19145Alfred Busby3    Oxfordshire 
19242Richard Busby3/52    Oxfordshire 


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