Joseph Sheward ♂


Born 1794, Rock, Worcs

Christened 29/01/1794 St Peter and St Paul, Rock, Worcs

Possible aliases/distractors

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Joseph's father is unknown at present (Joseph and his sister Hannah may have been illegitimate): his mother Phebe Sheward married James Pennell in Kidderminster, 1798.

Possible parents

   Phebe Steward (1766)

No father identified yet

Possible partners

None yet known

Possible children

None yet known

Possible maternal siblings

Hannah Sheward (1790–????)
John Pennell (1800–????)
James Pennell (1803–????)
Mary Pennell (1805–????)
Sarah Pennell (1807–????)
Joseph Pennell (1811–????)


Joseph Sheward 'Life track'

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