Caroline Emily Smart ♀


Born 1889, Smethwick, Staffs

Christened 31/05/1889 Smethwick, Staffs // probably Holy Trinity

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Caroline emigrated to Canada on the SS Montroy in 1924, departing Jan 29th 1924. She was to work for a friend of Miss A Sanders, Oakville, Toronto, who had paid for her passage. She travelled alone (with only £3), leaving her husband John at home in 75 Pool Rd. Her son joined her in 1929 (it is not clear about her husband, who was still living in Pool Road in 1929). She visited the UK at least once (see notes) and she was visited by her sister Agnes in the 1960s.


When her son joined her in 1929, Caroline (who paid for his travel) was living at 509 Broad View Ave, Toronto, Ontario. Her likely location when her sister Agnes visited her was St Catharines (about 120 km away by road).

Caroline's marriage was registered in the first quarter of 1909, in Kings Norton. This means she was probably married in Smethwich, but the marriage certificate has not yet been checked. At some point, she either divorced her husband or just reverted to her maiden name, as Carrie Smart (59) was recorded as visiting Smethwick when she arrived at Southampton on the Aquitania 08/07/1947, specifically 82 Pool Rd (where she was living in 1911, so presumably still with family there); on that visit she left Liverpool on the Empress of Canada 27th August 1947.

Possible parents

   Caroline Jones (c1856)

   Josiah Smart (1856)

Possible partners

  John Bradbury (c1890–)
      m. 1909 (Smethwick, Staffs)

Possible children

John Josiah Bradbury (1909– )
Agnes Caroline Bradbury (1910–1911)

Possible maternal siblings

Ephraim Jones (1878–1945)
Henry Smart (1880–????)
Beatrice Smart (1882–1952)
Amy Smart (1885–1953)
Josiah Smart (1887–1888)
Herbert Smart (1891–????)
Agnes Smart (1894–1986)
George Alfred Smart (1897–????)


Caroline Smart 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
05/04/1891106/04/1889 to 05/04/189028 Mornington Rd Ter, Smethwick, Staffordshire  
31/03/19011101/04/1889 to 31/03/189073 Mornington Road, Smethwick, Staffordshire  
02/04/19112103/04/1889 to 02/04/189082 Pool Road, Smethwick, Staffordshire  


Date: 05/04/1891   Sheet: RG12/2366/10
Address: 28 Mornington Rd Ter, Smethwick, Staffordshire
Note(s): (1) Noted as having only 4 rooms, (2) May be Tenement or Rear, rather than Ter
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
27766Josiah SmartHead34    MBlacksmiths StrikerLangley Green, Worcs 
27819Caroline E SmartWife   34  Cheltenham, Gloucs 
27968Ephraim SmartSon12    ScholarSmethwick, Staffs 
28072Henry SmartSon10     Oldbury, Worcs 
28173Beatrice SmartDaur   8  Smethwick, Staffs 
28267Amy SmartDaur   6  Smethwick, Staffs 
28371Caroline E SmartDaur   1  Smethwick, Staffs 


Date: 31/03/1901   Sheet: RG13/2822/63
Address: 73 Mornington Road, Smethwick, Staffordshire
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
1166Josiah SmartHead45    MarriedBlacksmith's StrikerSmethwick, Staffs 
1219Caroline SmartWife   45 Married Smethwick, Staffs 
1368Ephraim SmartSon23    SingleCopper tube drawerSmethwick, Staffs 
1467Amy SmartDaughter   16 SingleCharwomanSmethwick, Staffs 
1571Caroline SmartDaughter   11 Single Smethwick, Staffs 
1669Herbert SmartSon9    Single Smethwick, Staffs 
171Agnes SmartDaughter   6 Single Smethwick, Staffs 
1870George SmartSon4    Single Smethwick, Staffs 


Date: 02/04/1911   Sheet: RG14 Piece 17979 SN 219
Address: 82 Pool Road, Smethwick, Staffordshire
Note(s): Census return says Smethwick B'ham, but should be Smethwick, Staffs
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
166Josiah SmartHead54    MarriedBlacksmith's Striker
B'ham Rly & Car WG
Staffs, Langley Green 
219Caroline Emily SmartWife   54 Married Glos, Cheltenhammarried 32 years; 9 children (8 extant)
31Agnes SmartDaughter   17 SingleShop assistant
Baxters Bolt Screw & Rivet Wks
Staffs, Handsworth 
470George Alfred SmartSon14    SingleWood machinist
B'ham Rly Car & Wagon Co
Staffs, Smethwick 
5226John BradburySon in Law20    MarriedTube drawer
Tube Manufacturers
Cupped (?) Steam Tubing Locomotives
Staffs, West Bromwich 
671Caroline Emily BradburyDaughter   21 Married Staffs, Smethwickmarried 2 years; 2 children (shown here)
7751John Josiah BradburyGrandson2    Single Worcs, Oldbury 
8750Agnes Caroline BradburyGranddaughter   4/12 Single Staffs, Smethwick 


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