John Samuel Pernell ♂


Born 1883, Smethwick, Staffs

Died 1964

Possible aliases/distractors

No aliases/distractors for this individual in database


Known (I believe) as Jack (uncle Jack). Believed to have lived opposite the Beeches public house in Bristnall Hall Road, Oldbury at the end of his life (in the early 1960s).

Possible parents

None yet known

No father identified yet

Possible partners

  Amy Smart (1885–1953)
      m. 1904

Possible children

Amy Eveline Pernell (1904–1995)
Violet Doris Pernell (1908–1992)
John Samuel Pernell (1911–2005)
Freda May Pernell (1914–1990)
Agnes Ivy Pernell (1915–2003)
Ernest Cyril Pernell (1917–1986)
Catherine Pernell (1919–1984)
Linda Muriel Pernell (1921–2001)

Possible maternal siblings

None yet known


John Pernell 'Life track'

pdateagedob rangeAddressoccupation
02/04/19112703/04/1883 to 02/04/188411 Brook side, Flash Road, Oldbury, Worcestershire Labourer Iron works


Date: 02/04/1911   Sheet: RG14 Piece 17266 SN 34
Address: 11 Brook side, Flash Road, Oldbury, Worcestershire
Note(s): May be Brookside, Brook-side, or Brook side
 M  F 
OccupationBirthplaceEditor's notes
28581John Spencer PernellHead27    MarriedLabourer Iron worksHarborne, Staffordshire 
28667Amy PernellWife   26 Married West Smethwick, Staffordshire 
28782Amy PernellDaughter   6  Smethwick, Staffordshire 
28883Voilet PernellDaughter   2  Oldbury, Worcestorshire 


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