The Smarts of Gloucester (1740 to 1800)

The Smart (Gloucs, Dudley, Oldbury, Smethwick) family tree includes a Henry Smart, born in Gloucestershire, circa 1790-95. I believe this Henry Smart was born in Ruardean in 1794 and later moved to Dudley, Worcestershire:

Using the excellent resources on the Forest of Dean web site:

I was able to find that Henry's parents were a Margaret and Henry, who were married in 1789 (13th December). Margaret's name at that time was Margaret Read (or Reed), and she was recorded as being a widow (I have been unable to discover her original maiden name as yet). A Margaret Smart died in Ruardean in 1828, aged 77, which would make her year of birth about 1751 (assuming this is the same woman, which seems reasonable).

[Note: there is also a Henry Smart, born to a Nathaniel Smart and Mary in Ruardean in 1787. These are surely related to the Henry born in 1794, but I am confident this are two different Henry Smarts.]

The Henry Smart who was married to Margaret would presumably have been born sometime between 1742 and 1772. But no Henry Smart birth is given in the FOD online records between 1700 and 1787 (see above). Of course, this does not mean there no Henry Smart was born in Gloucs in this period: just that there is no record in the online FOD records. However, a Henry Smart was buried in Ruardean 12th February 1813. His age at death was recorded as 59, which would make his year of birth 1753 or 1754. Allowing for uncertainty in age, this is presumably the Henry who married Margaret, and he would have been a similar age to Margaret (year of birth 1751 approx; see above).

[In 1831, a Henry Smart of Gloucestershire was sentenced to transportation for sheep stealing (commuted from a death sentence). It is not clear if this is related to the other Smarts discussed here. Probably not. But it might be the Henry born in 1787, who would have been 44 in 1831.]

So tracking back the 'Smart line' before 1754 is problematic, as we do not have his parent's identification as yet (their marriage would have been 1740 to 1754). Preliminary investigations include looking for possible Smart family units in this area: