The Smarts of Gloucester (1700 to 1850); births

Here are the possible Smart births in Gloucestershire, as found from the Forest of Dean web site:


Date Parish Name Father Mother Remarks Family unit?
28/04/1723 Ruardean George Smart George Mary
09/10/1726 Ruardean Anthony Smart George Mary
23/05/1731 Ross on Wye Elizabeth Smart Charles Rebeccah N
30/09/1733 Ruardean Ann Smart Anthony Rebecca C
15/08/1734 Ross on Wye Anne Smart Charles Rebec. N
08/01/1735 Chepstow Monmouth Mary Smart Wm Eleanor
16/02/1735 Ruardean Rebecka Smart Anthony Rebecca C
06/04/1736 Tidenham William Smart William ? A
02/02/1738 Tidenham Elianor Smart William ? A
26/03/1738 Ruardean Rachel Smart Anthony Rebecca C
06/04/1739 Ross on Wye Unity Smart Charles Rebecca N
14/10/1739 Tidenham John Smart William ? A
11/11/1739 Awre Richard Smart Josiah Mary B
10/05/1741 Tidenham Ann Smart William ?   A
19/09/1742 Awre Sara Smart Josiah Mary   B
06/02/1743 Ruardean Elianor Smart Antony Rebecca   C
15/05/1745 Tidenham Francis Smart (male) William ?   A
27/04/1746 Lea Elizabeth Smart Anthony Elizabeth   D
18/10/1747 Lea Olive Smart Anthony ?   D?
08/10/1749 Awre Timothy Prout Smart ? Mary   B?
21/01/1750 Hartpury Sarah Smart William Anne   E
22/07/1750 Ruardean George Smart George Mary   F
14/04/1751 Hartpury Anne Smart Thomas Anne   G
07/03/1753 Hartpury Mary Smart Thomas Anne   G
16/12/1753 Ruardean Sarah Smart George Mary   F
13/01/1754 Ruardean George Smart Anthony Mary  12th or 13th? I
02/12/1754 Ross on Wye Alice Smart Joseph Anne   H
09/10/1756 Ross on Wye Jane Smart Joseph Anne   H
24/07/1757 Preston by Ledbury Elizabeth Smart Thomas Anne   G?
29/09/1758 Ruardean Nathaniel Smart Anthony Mary In 1841 census I
28/04/1759 Ross on Wye Anne Smart Joseph Anne   H
17/08/1760 Dymock James Smart Thomas Anne   G?
29/02/1761 Ross on Wye Richard Smart Joseph Anne   H
23/08/1761 Awre Richard Smart William Elizabeth Bur. 22/09/1761 L
20/11/1762 Ross on Wye Mary Smart James Anne   J
11/11/1764 Ross on Wye Joseph Smart Joseph Anne   H
12/01/1765 Ross on Wye John Smart James Anne   J
06/02/1767 Ross on Wye William Smart James Anne   J
17/05/1767 Ross on Wye Samuel Smart Joseph Anne   H
05/03/1768 Ross on Wye Mary Smart James Anne   J
27/11/1768 Huntley Nancy Smart William Mary   K
10/03/1771 Deerhurst Betty Barnard Smart ? Betty   M
08/03/1772 Ruardean Anthony Smart Anthony Hannah    
02/09/1786 Ruardean John Smart Nathaniel Mary    
06/09/1786 Mitcheldean John Smart Nathaniel Mary    
04/11/1787 Ruardean Henry Smart Nathaniel Mary    
24/08/1787 Ross on Wye Walter Smart Richard Ann    
03/10/1789 Ross on Wye James Smart Richard Ann    
25/01/1789 Ruardean Sally Smart Nathaniel Mary    
07/02/1790 Ruardean James Knight Richard Mary    
11/04/1790 Ruardean George Smart Nathaniel Mary Also in 1841 census  
04/04/1791 Ross on Wye James Smart Richard Ann    
14/08/1791 Ruardean Lidia Smart Nathaniel Mary  
29/01/1792 Ruardean Margaret Smart Henry Margaret    
04/02/1792 Ross on Wye Richard Smart Richard Ann    
14/04/1793 Ruardean Mary Smart Nathaniel Mary    
15/12/1793 Ruardean George Smart George Ann    
13/07/1794 Ruardean Henry Smart Henry Margaret    
06/02/1795 Ruardean James Smart Nathaniel Mary    
09/07/1795 Ross on Wye Ann Smart Richard Ann    
19/02/1797 Ruardean Sarah Smart George Ann    
28/09/1797 Ross on Wye James Smart Samuel Mary    
30/01/1797 Ross on Wye Joseph Smart Richard Ann    
15/07/1798 Ruardean Nathaniel Smart Nathaniel Mary    
06/10/1799 Ruardean Sacheveral Smart Nathaniel Mary    
16/03/1800 Ross on Wye William Smart Samuel Mary    
17/04/1800 Ross on Wye Jane Smart Richard Ann    
     Anthony Smart        
     Anthony Smart        
     Anthony Smart        
     Anthony Smart        

 (incomplete after 1800)

Number of births in each time period:


Time period total births Ruardean area
1701–1725 ? ?
1726–1750 21 9
1751–1775 21 14
1776–1800 24 23
1801–1825 ? ?
1826–1850 ? ?

'Ruardean area' = Ruardean, Micheldean, Walden, Ross on Wye.