The Smarts of Gloucester (1700 to 1840); deaths/burials

The following were found in the Forest of Dean database:

date name place age identication with birth identification with marriage burial_id notes
28/06/1760 Susan Smart Awre         Wife of William
19/08/1761 Elizabeth Smart Awre         Wife of William
22/09/1761 Richard Smart Awre Infant        
25/03/1764 Sarah Smart Awre          
25/06/1765 Mary Smart Ross on Wye Infant        
01/07/1766 Mary Smart Ruardean          
13/09/1766 Cicil Smart Lydney          
18/09/1766 William Smart Lydney          
24/07/1767 Daniel Smart Ross on Wye          
26/11/1767 James Smart Ross on Wye          
05/02/1768 Anne Smart Ross on Wye Infant        
18/04/1768 William Smart Tidenham          
23/09/1768 William Smart Ross on Wye          
30/04/1769 Samuel Smart Churcham          
06/11/1769 Mary Smart Ruardean          
22/01/1774 George Smart Ruardean          
22/01/1779 Mary Smart Dymock  66        
27/01/1779 Jamima Smart Preston by Ledbury         Daughter of Sarah Smart
31/03/1780 Anthony Smart Ruardean 53        
18/10/1784 Mary Smart Awre         Died 15/10/1784
21/06/1784 Hanah Smart Monmouth          
03/10/1784 Mary Smart Tirley         Daugher of Thomas and Eleanor Smart
03/04/1786 Elinor Smart Tidenham         Mrs Elinor Smart
23/06/1788 Joseph Smart Ross on Wye          
24/03/1789 Martha Smart Tidenham Infant        
24/03/1789 Mary Smart Tidenham Infant       Twin
06/10/1798 James Smart Ross on Wye Infant        
04/11/1790 Thomas Smart Preston by Ledbury          
06/04/1791 Thomas Smart Ross on Wye          
07/03/1792 Lydia Smart Ruardean         daughter of Nathaniel & Mary
06/05/1792 Maria Smart Tirley         daughter of William & Eleanor Smart Pauper
01/09/1792 Frances Penelope Smart Tidenham          
22/07/1793 Mary Smart Ruardean 70        
28/05/1795 John Smart Tidenham          
08/10/1800 John Smart Tidenham          
16/02/1801 Sacheverel Smart Ruardean          
22/03/1801 Elizabeth Smart Lea          
23/03/1807 Ann Smart Ross on Wye 80       (1) Widow, (2) Publican
24/02/1808 Henry Frederic Smart Ross on Wye infant        
05/09/1808 William Rogers Smart Tidenham infant        
02/11/1808 Mary Smart Huntley          
30/05/1810 Elizabeth Smart Minsterworth          
02/09/1810 Hannah Smart Minsterworth          
19/10/1810 John Smart Monmouth