The Smarts of Gloucester (1740 to 1800); discussion

Anthony Smart(s)

It seems that an Anthony Smart was one of Henry Smart's ancestors. Only record of such a birth is known as yet:

# Baptism: Anthony Smart: 09/10/1726 Ruardean

However, there seem to be at least two marriages involving an Anthony Smart:

# Anthony Smart (Ruardean) married Elizabeth Shuter (Lea) in St Nicholas, Gloucester; 18/05/1745
# Anthony Smart (Ruardean) married Hannah Teauge (Ruardean) in Ruardean, 01/05/1771

Significantly, the second appears that the marriage was 'with consent of parents', i.e. that one (probably both) were under 21.

So probably not the same Anthony Smart in the two marriages. The first appears to die in Ruardean in 1780 (aged 53).

Descendents of Anthony Smart

There are several possible family units:

Anthony and Mary: children:

Nathaniel, christened 29/09/1758 (Ruardean)
George, christened 12/01/1754 (Ruardean)

[Is this Mary the same as Elizabeth Shuter?]

Anthony and Elizabeth (no known children; but see above)

Anthony and Hannah (probably Hannah Teaugue and the Anthony with a missing birth/baptism): children

Anthony, christened 08/03/1772

 (to be continued)